September 18th, 2017

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New Mods needed!

The Tolkien fanfiction archive known as Many Paths to Tread" is looking for one or two new mods to help out with technical matters.
Many Paths to Tread" is a family-friendly archive affiliated with the lotr_community challenge community and with LOTR Community General Fanfiction. The Archive allows ratings from G to R. It was established in July 2010, and is home to 356 members and 3,206 stories.

It's most important that someone be either familiar with eFiction or willing to learn. It is not difficult software, and we have a user's guide that covers most of the functions on the admin panel. Our former tech-mod and site creator, Dawn Felagund, has said she will be just an email away if the new person has any questions.

It's also essential to know HTML. Some familiarity with CSS is ideal but, again, the skins have been in place for years and seem to work just fine.

The new mod(s) should also be willing to help go forward if we should decide to switch MPTT to a newer platform in the future, and would be responsible for answering member queries when technical problems arise for them.

In addition, she/he will also be welcomed to participate in the regular mod activities if he/she wishes. If you wish to volunteer for this position, please email us at with "Web Smith MPTT" in the subject line.