December 21st, 2017

Boromir Life is Good by fifmeister

Special Delivery for Shirebound by Linaewen

Author name: Linaewen
Recipient's name: Shirebound
Title: Special Delivery
Rating: G
Request: After the War of the Ring, there were probably many letters and packages sent between the Shire and Gondor/Rohan. Tolkien writes of a Shire Postmaster and Messenger Service. What did the Shire Post delivery-hobbits -- especially those who still might not accept that a King had returned or who had never wondered about happenings outside the Shire -- think about or react to Royal Mail? Did their families even believe them when told about it?
Summary: A special delivery package from Gondor arrives at the Hobbiton Post Office, creating a stir among the delivery-hobbits working there.Collapse )