January 1st, 2018

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The Long and Winding Road for Red Lasbelin by Keiliss

Author name:Keiliss
Recipient's name:Red Lasbelin
Title:The Long and Winding Road
Rating: PG
Request: 5A Elves sailing with a focus on Imladris elves. Can either be at the Havens, or final days in Imladris. Glorfindel's my fave.
Author's notes: Surprise! Here you go dear, more about people, less about plot, just the way (sort of) you try and get me to write them and I wail and say ‘but where is it meant to GO?’ I hope you like this, it is offered with much love. Have a blessed 2018.
Title courtesy of The Beatles.
Summary: Conversations before sailing – Galadriel is resentful, Elrond is worried, and in no universe where I have ever written will Erestor be happy about leaving Middle-earth.

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The Search for the Perfect Gift for Larner by Dreamflower

Author name: Dreamflower (dreamflower02)
Recipient's name:Larner (blslarner)
Title: The Search for the Perfect Gift
Rating: G
Request: "I'd love to see Frodo asking for advice regarding the best Yule present to give someone he loves, and receiving absolutely the worst suggestions possible." (I hope this fills your request, even though some of the suggestions aren't awful. Just not right.)
Author's notes: This story is a drabble set of nineteen 100 word drabbles, not including the titles, sub-titles or drabble numbers. Frodo is 21, just entering adolescence for hobbits, while Sam and Folco are nine, about the maturity of a human 6-year-old, but with three years of extra experience.
Summary: Frodo worries about the perfect Yule gift for Uncle Bilbo, now that he's been adopted by him.

The Search for the Perfect Gift

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