January 23rd, 2018

LotR Challenges 7 by Dreamflower

2018 January Potluck Challenge

My sincere apologies for this very late posting of the Potluck Challenge! Due to the lateness of this challenge, the due date will extend into February. However, we will still have February's challenge, hopefully with a more timely announcement!

Welcome to the 2017 January Potluck Challenge! For those of you who are new to this challenge, it's where we (1) give you a chance to finish up and post any challenges you did not finish during 2017, or (2) give you a chance at some of the prompts that did not get used during the past year or (3) both.

To join in, simply choose your prompt and claim it by leaving a comment on this post. More than one person may claim a prompt. In addition, you are not limited to just one prompt. You may claim as many as you like; we do ask that you put each claim in a separate comment, as it will help us keep track of things better. If you want to, you may claim a prompt, finish it and then claim another. You may also comment to say if you are finishing up a story from previous challenges. As the mods notice claims coming in, we will strike them from the list, if that month calls for it.

Your stories will be due in the moderator's queue by Friday, February 9, and will be unlocked on Monday, February 12. Please tag your story "month: 2018 January" and "annual challenge: potluck". Please remember to use the following header template (also found on the community profile page), and to put the name of your story and your name in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please comment here or e-mail the mods at manypaths@lotrgfic.com.

Prompts are behind the cuts. Collapse )