September 7th, 2018

This was your idea!

September 2018 Challenge: Recipe Fic

The September Challenge will be a recipe fic with the theme "A special dish for someone's birthday" in recognition of Frodo and Bilbo's birthday on September 22 and International Hobbits Day. Your story should include a recipe.

The stories will be due in the queue anytime before 9/22 and will be revealed on Mon, 24th. Please tag your story "challenge: recipe fic"and "month: 2018 September." Please remember to use the header template found on the community's profile page, and to put your name and the name of the story in the subject line.
If you plan to participate please leave a comment here!

Thank you for your patience while we attempt to get the community challenges reorganized!
This was your idea!

Technical help/Webmaster needed for MPTT

We are looking for one or 2 people to come on board as technical help/moderation for running the group’s archive, MPTT. If you are interested or know of anyone we could ask please let the mods know! Dreamflower, Pearltook and Cathleen are still here and it looks like we have one new mod coming on board. More on this and other things coming up very soon! Your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated.
Thanks everyone!