dreamflower02 (dreamflower02) wrote in lotr_community,

September Challenge: Young/Old

The challenge for September will have the theme of "Young and Old", in which you should have two characters interacting: one young and one old. There should be at least one generation between the two characters, who may be of any race or era of Middle-earth.

The elements will be adjectives: you may ask for between three to five in your request.

If you wish to participate, either respond to this post in a comment. (If you have not taken part before, please give an email address to which we may send a prompt.) Or you may email the mods: aelfwina@gmail.com or virginia_lee_redcat@yahoo.com or pearltook@mac.com to ask for your element.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the mods.
Tags: 2008, announcement, announcement: challenge, challenge: young/old, month: 2008 september, september
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