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And the Nominees SO FAR are...

I'd like to remind people that there is less than a week now to get your nominations in for the Tree and Flower Awards!

In order to facilitate the rest of the nominations, behind the cut are the stories which have been nominated so far ("so far" is 9PM Sunday, CDST/2AM Monday GMT), which include all the ones I have received as of that time. Please look over the list, so we can cut down on duplicate nominations; also, although I have tried my best, I may have missed a duplicate nomination OR missed one altogether. If you see a story listed more than once, or if you have made a nomination BEFORE 9PM Sunday, CDST/2AM Monday GMT, and do NOT see it here, please comment on this post to let me know.

As you can see, we still have some categories with no, or only one, nomination! So I hope you will take the chance to make some!


There are still a few doubles, now in () parentheses to reflect that the author has not chosen the category yet. I will edit those when I hear from the author. If I do not hear from the author in 48 hours, the nomination will default to the first to nominate.

ETA: Nominations in red were received today. (8/20/12, by 4PM CDST)

I will also be adding new nominations here as I receive them.

Please continue to check and to comment if you find any more errors!

Tree & Flower Nominations So Far


Favorite story featuring Elves
The Army of the North by darthfingon
Winds of Change by curiouswombat
Things That May Yet Be, by Marta
Hidden Within by Keiliss
Dawn Felagund: The Longest Night
The Green Grave by Ellyn
Abundance by pandemonium_213

Favorite story featuring Men
Hearts in Stone - Raksha the Demon
Bedtime Tales of the Sun by Dawn Felagund
Shadows of Memory by Linda Hoyland
The Darkest Night by Nath

Favorite story featuring Dwarves
Lake of Fire by Marta 
Bones of the Earth (Azaghal), by Marta, (from Marta's Mathoms)
Mazarbul by Thundera Tiger
(Questing by Thundera Tiger)

Favorite story featuring Hobbits
A Dream of Tea Green Silk by Larner
A New Reckoning by Dreamflower
The Fabled Courtship of Elanor the Fair by the_arc5
Of Shape and Hue and Home by Thundera Tiger
Yavanna's Gift by Linda Hoyland
ETA: Pity by Dreamflower

Favorite story featuring Other races or beings
(Beneath the Sickle's Swing by Clodia)
The Robin's Tale - Lady Branwyn
Caterwauling by Elleth
Of Time and Trees, by Huinare
Awakening by Linda Hoyland


Favorite Novel
Carefully Taught by Linda Hoyland
If Truth be Told - Virtuella
A Little More Conversation by Keiliss 
Lords of Gondor by Linaewen 

Favorite Drabble or Drabble series
A Is For Apple by curiouswombat.
(Marking Fours by Raksha The Demon)
Mightier than the Sword, by Linda Hoyland (in Hues of Middle-earth).
The King Surprises by Larner
(Clodia: Beneath the Sickle's Swing)
Harvest Dreams by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Fixed-Length-Ficlet, other than drabble
Fireworks - by Rhyselle
Rite of Spring by Raksha the Demon
Fire and Ice, by Linda Hoyland
Heart of Glass by Raksha The Demon
After the Hour of Doom by Raksha the Demon
Reflections, by Adonnen Estenniel

Favorite Poem
Utumno To Valimar by Huinare
Tears for the Fallen, by Pandemonium_213
Upon Meeting Arwen- Voices of Middle-Earth by Armariel
Ice Maiden by Shireling
Quietly by Pearl Took

Favorite Nonfiction, essay
Aragorn - a feminist's nightmare? by Virtuella
A Man of Quality: Faramir, Captain of Gondor by Antane
A Woman in Few Words: The Character of Nerdanel and Her Treatment in Canon and Fandom by Dawn Felagund
The Importance of Being Bilbo, by Dreamflower.
Water in Lord of the Rings by Virtuella

Favorite Nonfiction, research
Hobbit Names and Naming Conventions by Dreamflower
That Guy Who Carries the Banner by Nath
Ring-bearers, Aging and Life in Aman by GamgeeFest

Favorite Nonfiction, other

Favorite Art, traditional
I Espy With My Great Eye by Pandemonium
Telcontar Twins by RS9
The Wizard by Paul
Deep in the Forest by Linda Hoyland
"And Maedhros Stood Aside", by Erulisse

Favorite Art, photomanip
Artwork for "Dust" (author curiouswombat) by Ellynn
Rauros, by Elleth
ETA: Minas Tirith by Ellyn
Favorite Work-in-Progress
The Prisoner and the Hobbit by Dreamflower & pandemonium_213
ETA: The Princess and the Horse Lord by Oshun
ETA: Istari, circa 1040 Third Age by Huinare

Favorite Vignette
Eye-Opener - by Dreamflower
Heavenly Dance by Ellynn
Renewal, by Linda Hoyland.
Ranger's Dawn by Raksha the Demon


Favorite story set in The Silmarilion
Season of Hope by Keiliss
Noldolantë by Dawn Felagund

Favorite story set during The Hobbit
Winged Release by FoxRafer
The Jay and the Moon, in: Things They Didn't Tell You in the Red Book, by Huinare

Favorite story set during LotR
Eight Elven Cloaks by Virtuella
Day's Ending by Raksha the Demon
The White Tree by Linda Hoyland
ETA: "He who laughs last..." by Nath

Favorite post-LotR story
Passover and Pilgrimage by Larner
The King's Time, by Larner
Halbarad's Last Journey by Ellynn
A Time to Reap by Linda Hoyland

Favorite story inspired by other books by Tolkien

Favorite story set in the Lord of the Rings movie by Peter Jackson
Can You Sing, Master Hobbit? by Shirebound
At the Black Gate by Shirebound
On the Stairs of Cirith Ungol by lbilover


Favorite Humor story
Avar and Away by ignoblebard
Tribute by Larner
Orcs at School by Virtuella
Ladies' Guide to Middle-earth's Eligible Bachelors, by Virtuella.
Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners: Or The Shire Hobbit's Guide to Proper Behavior for Every Occasion by Dreamflower
Maggoty Bread by Thundera Tiger
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Romance story
In Need of a Wife, by Linda Hoyland.
Love Began Here by Adonnen Estenniel
Seal Upon Thy Heart by Linda Hoyland
Better Once than Never by Celeritas

Favorite Adventure story
A Mirkwood Solstice by Thundera Tiger
The Steward's Coup by Shireling
Where No Birds Sing by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Drama
The Day of the Dragon by Keiliss
We Shall Stand by Alma Heart
Song of Hope by Linda Hoyland
"The Heirloom" by Keiliss
Beneath the Midsummer Moon by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Crack!Fic
ETA: Mushroom Tales by Nath
Favorite AU story
At the Turn of the Tide by Raksha the Demon
The White Ladies of Eryn Carantaur by ningloreth
For What I Wait by Dawn Felagund
Vairë Was a Weaver, or, Real Men Wear Corsets (a farce) by Celeritas
Transformation, by Larner
"Púkelwoman" by Virtuella

Favorite Crossover story
Red Fell the Dew in Rammas Echor by San Antonio Rose
Ships That Pass in The Night, by Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Favorite Gapfiller
None for Herself by Thundera Tiger
The One by Linda Hoyland, Raksha the Demon

Favorite Fluff
Down the Withywindle by Clodia
Hunting the Dragon, by Linda Hoyland
A Name Above All Others by wtiger5
Let Sleeping Kings Lie by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Family story
Seeing Stars by Raksha The Demon
Lingering Shadows by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Recipe!fic
Of Bread and Butter by Cathleen
Sharing Dinner on Lobelia Lane by Pearl Took
Splish Splash by Cathleen


Favorite characterization of Aragorn
Mark of Virtue by Linda Hoyland
The Light Bearer, by Linda Hoyland
Acrostic by Virtuella
A Lesson in Operative Technique by SurgicalSteel
The Healer's Journey by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Arwen
Manners Maketh Man by Linda Hoyland
While the Candles Burn by Virtuella
In the Depths of Winter by Marta
Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Bilbo
Not all gold? by Nath
Escaping by the Dozen by Thundera Tiger
The Diary, by Pearl Took

Favorite characterization of Boromir
Rest and Recreation by Raksha The Demon
The World Ahead by Linaewen
The Slave of the Ring by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Denethor
The Eagle's Gift by Raksha The Demon
Kingdom of Ashes, by Linda Hoyland.
The Best Laid Schemes by Linda Hoyland
Hope Stirs by Linaewen

Favorite characterization of Elrond
Driftwood, by Pandemonium_213
A Walk in the Forest, an Evening by the Fire by Himring

Favorite characterization of Éomer
Éomer's Guide to Contemporary Bardic Works. by curiouswombat
Some Like It Hot by Virtuella
The Course of Defeat by Adonnen Estenniel

Favorite characterization of Éowyn
Spring's First Thaw by Marta
When Winter First Begins to Bite by Marta
Legend by Raksha the Demon

Favorite characterization of Faramir
Fey by Thundera Tiger
Heart of the Storm by Raksha The Demon
(Marking Fours by Raksha The Demon)
Catastrophe by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Feanor
A Gift for a King by Dawn Felagund
Favorite characterization of Frodo
All Things Were Now Made Ready… by Dreamflower
Second Mum by Larner

Favorite characterization of Galadriel
Darkness Reigns in the Light by Pearl Took
(Footsteps in Time by Keiliss)
In Darkness, Light by Nath
Stranger at the Gates, by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Gandalf
Looking for Dragons by Raksha The Demon
ETA: A Sign of Hope by LindaHoyland
Thoughts of the Servant of the Secret Flame by Larner

Favorite characterization of Gimli
Of Rowan and Ruin by Thundera Tiger
Fissures, by Thundera Tiger
Holiday by Nath
Too Young by Linaewen

Favorite characterization of Glorfindel
Flame of the Desert by Pandemonium_213
Red Herring by pandemonium_213
Broken and Burnt by Peregrin Ionad

Favorite characterization of Halbarad
Surgical Steel, The King's Surgeon, the Happy AU.
In the Name of the King by Ellynn
The Gift of Foresight by Linda Hoyland
The Summons by Marta

Favorite characterization of Legolas
Knew I Love Once? by Thranduil Oropherion Redux
Leaf Subsides to Leaf by IgnobleBard
For the Love of His Master by wtiger5

Favorite characterization of Maedhros
Flying Free by Keiliss
White Nights, in Through Sorrow to Find Joy, by Dawn Felagund

Favorite characterization of Maglor
Homeward Bound by Keiliss
Once upon Amon Hen... by Rhapsody

Favorite characterization of Merry
Annals of the West by Dreamflower
Whisper of Hope, by Dreamflower
Inner Light by pandemonium_213
Good King Elessar by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of Pippin
Yule Tails by Pearl Took
Truth Be Told by Pearl Took
The Elven Way by Linda Hoyland
A Time to Reap by Cathleen
The Dare by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of Sam
Sam the Turtle Goes to Mordor by Dreamflower
Fighting Dragons, by Larner
Praiseworthy by Thundera Tiger

Favorite characterization of Saruman
The Tower of the Cunning Mind by Larner
ETA: Saruman's Housewarming Party by Huinare

Favorite characterization of Sauron
The Tower by Raksha the Demon
Coveting the Light by Larner
  Jerusalem, Jerusalem - for Kaylee Arafinwiel by Celeritas 
   Non-violent communication in Barad-Dur, in: A crack and the staff split asunder: Crackfic and General Wackiness, by Huinare 

Favorite characterization of Theoden
May It Be a Light To You In Dark Places by Cathleen

Favorite characterization of Thorin
(Questing by Thundera Tiger)

Favorite characterization of a member of the House of Finwe
Tales from the Other Side - It's Not All About War by Erulisse - Summertime
The Craft of the Elven-Smith, by Larner
After Rain by Himring

Favorite characterization of a resident of Doriath
(Footsteps in Time by Keiliss)
Forth to War by Dawn Felagund

Favorite characterization of a member of the Ainur
The Omen by Ellynn
If Ever a Fruit Ripens by Pearl Took
Variation on a Theme by Eru by Rhyselle

Favorite characterization of a Numenorean
Grace and Memory by Larner
Spindrift, by Nath
Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty by dracoena
The Far Side of the World by SurgicalSteel
Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty by dracoena

Favorite Story featuring an Original Character
Keep Alive the Memory by Celeritas
The Measure of a Man by Virtuella
A Surgeon in the Making by SurgicalSteel
The Reluctant Bride by Linda Hoyland
Uncle Teo's Fiddle by Cathleen

Favorite story featuring a Minor Canon Character
A Golden Flower by Celeritas
A Proper Man for Summer, by Linda Hoyland
How I Wish by Dawn Felagund
Not One But Two by Linda Hoyland
Becoming by Nath (nominated by LindaHoyland)
Healing in the Halls of Mandos by Pearl Too


Favorite story by a new author (author a member of MPTT for six months or less)
The Music of her Life by Wtiger5
Cormallen by the_mad_hobbit

Favorite Illustration of a story by an artist
Art for Larner's 'Murder Most Foul' by Citrine2
Artwork for 'The White Ladies of Eryn Carantaur' (3) by Peregrin Ionad
The Gate to Everywhere--artwork by Armariel
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