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2013 January Potluck Challenge

 Our apologies for taking so long to get this post up. Because we are late we are automatically extendeing the usual date.This month's stories will not be revealed until Friday, January 25. You may post your story anytime before that date.

Once again we are having Potluck for the New Year! Behind the cut are the themes and unclaimed elements for eight months of 2010. (January and December are not included, as January is always "potluck" and December is always the Exchange, and we had no leftovers in Octobert and November). If you would like to participate in the January Challenge, look through the elements posted, and choose one. Comment to this post with the number of the prompt you have chosen, and I will strike it from the list. For August, simply comment if you wish to submit an essay; for July, you do not need to choose a prompt-- just follow the instructions for that month. This is your chance to take part in a challenge you missed. Also, if you claimed a prompt for any month last year and did not finish your story in time, you may enter that instead. The list of prompts and monthly themes is behind the cut.

Leftover Prompts from 2012:

*February: Theme—"Eye of the Beholder"
(Prompts were art pieces submitted for our first Art Challenge. If you wish to do this one, choose any art from the Many Paths to Tread Art Gallery as your inspiration, and comment to this post with the name of the art and the artist you have chosen as your inspiration.)

March: Theme—"Shades of Green"

1)      Blue-green
2)      Emerald
3)      Forest green
4)      Moss green
5)      Sea green
6)      Verdigris
7)      Apple green
8)      Celadon
9)      Citrine
10)    Jade

April 2012: Poetry "The Beauty of Arda"

11)   can, fan
12)   dig, big
13)   brook, look
14)   find, mind
15)   kind, wind
16)   tree, free

May: "Bunny Hutch" - We requested people to send their prompts to a special locked post at LJ with the info on what age of Arda they belong in, along with their name (so they don't receive their own bunny as a prompt.

17)   Second Age: Galadriel and Celebrian had to flee Eregion towards safety in Lorien. She hasn't been below the Mallorns since receiving Nenya. What is she feeling about her escape and about her new home? And what about Celeborn? He didn't accompany them...(- Erulisse (one L) )
18)   Fourth Age: The POV of the mallorn Sam plants, as it grows and finds itself in the Shire with hobbits, instead of in Lothlorien with the Lady. (Shirebound)
19)   Third Age: The children at Bilbo's 111th birthday party were given magical toys. What happened with these toys as the children grew up and had children of their own? (Shirebound)
20)   Fourth Age: Who let the Elves on Tol Eressea know that two mortals (Bilbo and Frodo) were coming there to live? What was the response? (Shirebound)
21)   Any age: Let your favorite character from within LOTR or the Silmarillion find himself/herself caught within your favorite fairy tale, and see what happens! (Larner)
22)   Fourth Age: Aragorn and Faramir are shipwrecked on their way back from a diplomatic mission and have to survive on a remote island. Back in Minas Tirith, everyone, apart from Arwen believes them to be dead.  While Aragorn and Faramir struggle to survive, Arwen must organise a rescue mission with Aragorn's friends. (Linda Hoyland)
23)   ourth Age or later: Galadriel waits in Aman for Celeborn's return. Her Reborn brother(s) (depending on whether the author thinks more than Finrod have been returned to Life by then) offer their opinions on their Sindarin/Telerin cousin's reason(s) for preferring not to sail with her. (Kaylee Arafinwiel)
24)   Any age, any race, crossover: The author's choice of character finds him/herself having an unusually vivid dream about characters or events from another fandom, particularly something that might not be canon but is what the author either thinks happened or wishes happened in that other fandom (the story must solve a mystery or answer a question from that other fandom, observed by the dreamer from Silm/Hobbit/LOTR.) (cascadewaters)
25)   So just why is it that Minas Tirith looks like the prow of a ship? (cascadewaters)
26)   Third or Fourth age, Gondor: Someone needs advice/ideas for a prank/trick... and gets it from the most unexpected source. (Note: this could be humor or even crack, but it could also just as easily be adventure/drama/political intrigue) (cascadewaters)
27)   First  Age: Two Trees and/or sun and moon, (prose or poetry or art or music) (cascadewaters)
28)   Any age, any race, any tone: First word: Magnificent; Last word: Incapable (cascadewaters)
29)   Any age, Dwarves, any setting: First word: Sober; Last word: Gloaming (cascadewaters)
30)    Second Age: The Numenoreans aid Gil-galad against Sauron (battles at Sarn Ford and on the Gwathlo, etc.) (hhimring)
31)    First Age: a story set among the people of the House of Haleth in Brethil (hhimring)
32)    First Age: the arrival of any group of refugees at the Havens of Sirion (e.g. from Nargothrond, Gondolin or Doriath) (hhimring)
33)   Third Age: Gondor and Rohan: Theoden's mother was Morwen of Lossarnach. Theoden had four sisters: two of them were born in Gondor, like Theoden himself, two were born in Rohan. (hhimring)
34)   Third Age: Gondor and Arnor: Arvedui of Arthedain weds Firiel, daughter of Ondoher of Gondor.  (hhimring)
35)   Third Age: Frodo and Faramir meeting again after the quest and sitting in the sun to share tales as they promised each other? (harrowcatliz)
36)   Third Age: How did Strider's 'call' to the northern Dunedain actually reach them and how did they get to Rohan in time to meet him? (harrowcatliz)
37)   Third Age, post-War: Dwarves were probably a rare sight in Minas Tirith. What did folks think when they saw Gimli stalking around? Were they brave enough to approach him? (Shirebound)
38)   Third Age: What was Treebeard's first impression of Legolas when he saw him? Did they speak together? (Shirebound)
39)   Third Age: What if Bilbo really *did* hide 'jools' within the walls of Bag End? Who found them, and when? (Shirebound)
40)   Third Age: From the FOTR, The Ring Goes South: "The sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir, were the last to return; they had made a great journey, passing down the Silverlode into a strange country, but of their errand they would not speak to any save to Elrond."  What happened that they could speak to none but Elrond?  (alfirineth)
41)   Third Age, Movie verse. Aragorn's feelings when he overhears the 'foul and fair' exchange between Merry and Frodo on the way to Weathertop. Is he hurt? Resigned? Or ??? (lbilover)
42)   Third Age: After the Ring War, the Rohirrim have a country with great swathes laid waste - too few men, not enough food - and now something, or someone, is stealing their few remaining livestock...  (curiouswombat)
43)    Third Age: On either the Quest for Erebor or the Ring, someone has managed to get someone else terribly upset, to the point the injured party plans vengeance. Who has upset whom, and how is the vengeance carried out? How does the original offender react to the situation? (Larner)
44)    Legend of Tevildo the Cat as incarnation of Sauron being born as a Numenorian fairy tale they would tell their kids. About big evil creature who is, in the end, a big cat and therefore can be dealt with just like any other cat - scratch him behind the ear until he starts purring and falls asleep and you can escape, basically. (hellga, via Linda Hoyland)
45)   Fourth Age: Anyone want to offer up reasons why Thranduil would NOT go West? (mikononyte, via Linda Hoyland)
46)   Fourth Age: Aragorn and Arwen have a second son who predeceases them. What happened to him?   (Linda Hoyland)
47)   Third Age: What did Shadowfax do after the war of the ring? (almaheart)
48)   Third Age:  "An old man who should have loved her as a father." What about Eomer and Theoden? Did they always see perfectly eye-to-eye? (almaheart)
49)   Third Age: Do the Eagle King and the Lord of Horses have opinions on each other? (almaheart)
50)   Third Age, Gondor: "I was born under the shadow of the White Mountains and know something of journeys in the high places" -Boromir, FOTR.
What mischief there? (almaheart)

51)   Third Age, Gondor: Did Finduilas' sons live up to their heritage as swans and learn to sail? Or try to, if you prefer. (almaheart)
52)    Third Age, Gondor:  Something that the Steward’s son (or both of them, or separate things) do exactly like his/their father, or mother. (almaheart)
53)   Fourth Age, Gondor: Who was the unfortunate who found out that the Minas Tirith palantir only shows Denethor's last moments? (almaheart)
54)   Fourth Age: Important meetings: Lothiriel and Firefoot, or Faramir and Windfola. (almaheart)
55)   Fourth Age, Gondor: During Aragorn's coronation (movie), the armor he's wearing looks a lot like Elendil's...is it? Where did all that come from? (almaheart)
56)   Fourth Age, Gondor: We know Faramir kept his mother’s mantle. Does Eowyn have anything from either or both of her parents even all these years later?
57)   Third Age: Gandalf’s conversation with Mandos/Manwë before being sent back to Middle-Earth
58)   Third Age: The first meeting of Deagol and Smeagol
59)   Third Age, Ring War: Back in Edoras after Helm’s Deep, Pippin and Merry tell Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli the full tale of how they escaped the orcs
60)   Third Age, Ring War: Resting after a day’s journey in the Dead Marshes, Sam and Frodo discuss the nature of the marsh (libbstarz)
61)   First Age, Children of Húrin:  Sador's first encounter with the child Túrin. How did the old thrall and the young child become friends? (Dreamflower)
62)   Third Age:  We are told Gandalf rendered aid to the Shire during the Long Winter (TA 2758-9). What sorts of aid did he give them, and how? (Dreamflower)
63)   Third Age: Humor—in Minas Tirith after the War, the hobbits discover that one of the results of being heroes is that there are any number of maidens in the City who are more than eager to meet them and throw themselves at the famous four.  How do they react to having "fangirls"?  How do the rest of the Fellowship react to the situation? Do they tease the hobbits or envy them?  (Dreamflower)  

June: Theme—"The Longest Day" Prompts are these links to musical pieces for inspiration.
64)   Marble Halls- Enya
65)   Avulekile Amansango/One Love  Soweto Gospel Choir
66)   Creation Chant-- Carlos Nakai
67)   Finlandia by Sibelius (instrumental)

68)   An Paistin Fionn
69)   Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TagEkmwoD4
70)   Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles (George Harrison)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6j4TGqVl5g&feature=related
71)   Up, Up and Away - The 5th Dimension  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5akEgsZSfhg
72)   Fairies - Celtic Women http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu_GyfW_AhI
73)  Spotted Pony - Amateur playing old-style banjo/instrumental  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjEopXB8cx4
74)   Pachelbel Canon in D Major
75)   Solstice d'Ete
76)   O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) Carl Orff

*July: Fixed-Length-Ficlets, "Lazy Summer" (Simply comment that you are doing July's challenge, and give your word count in your comment: any number between 101 and 400.)

*August: Nonfiction (Simply comment to the post that you are doing a nonfiction piece.)

September prompts: Theme—"75"

77)   "By some curious chance one morning long ago in the quiet of the world, when there was less noise and more green..."
78)   quot;The sun was shining and the grass was very green."
79)   quot;Already it had almost become a throng."
80)   quot;All the same, I should like it all plain and clear," said he obstinately..."
81)   quot;Just then all the others came round the corner of the road from the village."
82)   quot;Now they had bread and cheese, and plenty of ale, and bacon to toast in the embers of the fire."
83)   quot;They had begun to feel that danger was not far away on either side."
84)   quot;The truth was he had been lying quiet, out of sight and out of mind, in a very dark corner for a long while."
85)   quot;They very seldom did, for they had a feeling that something unpleasant was lurking down there."
86)   quot;His head was in a whirl of hope and wonder."
87)   quot;They still went on and on. The rough path disappeared."
88)   quot;Up slope and down dale they plodded."
89)   quot;Then he galloped away and was soon lost to sight."
90)   quot;At times they heard disquieting noises."
91)   quot;He sat and thought and thought, until his head nearly burst, but no bright idea would come."
92)   quot;People sang on the quays and out of the windows."
93)   quot;Beside it ran a stone-paved road, wide enough for many men abreast."
94)   quot;The waxing moon rose higher and higher and the wind grew loud and cold."
95)   quot;Next day the trumpets rang early in the camp."
96)   quot;He woke to find himself in a white bed, and the moon shining in an open window."

(There were no leftover prompts for October and November.)
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