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Going Offline

Hello all!

Starting tomorrow, it looks as though I will be offline at the house for a while--I am not sure for how long--it could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I will try to go to the library to do stuff, but I will not be as available as I have been. Emails may pile up, and any posting will be intermittent at best. I am hoping my semi-absence will be brief, but since I'm not sure, I am going to try and set things up in advance.

I am going to post the April challenge today, but in order to expedite things, I will make it so that you do not have to wait for me to send out prompts.

I suggest that if you have any questions you send them to Cathleen (or to Dawn if they are of a technical nature).

I'm sorry this is happening right in the middle of B2MeM. I hope to have time to catch up on your stories during Reading Week.

I'd also like to signal boost the following community. It is having a "prompt fest" to which you can request plot-bunnies for stories set in The Hobbit. They are accepting gen prompts as well as pairing prompts, and have several of those requested already. You can post your prompt requests between now and March 26. The great part? You do not have to claim a prompt to write in order to request a prompt! (Of course, they hope you will, but it is not a requirement.) So if there is a special story you'd like to see written, but you don't think you have time to write yourself, this is a great thing to take part in!

Here's the link to check it out!
Hobbit's Tale Prompt Fest

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