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The September challenge has now been posted. We have twelve stories up, and will have a few late stories to add. I will edit the post to add them as they are posted.

The theme this month is Young/Old. The challenge was to write a fic showing two characters of different generations interacting, and the elements were three to five specific adjectives, assigned to each author

The Young/Old Challenge

At the Harbor by Bonnie L. Sherrell Círdan the Shipwright first encounters Elanor Gamgee
Double Drabble: Double Escape by nancylea57 Dora Baggins is ninety-some, Pippin is about seven, they are visiting Brandyhall, and are unintended guest at a wedding anniversary.
What Becomes of Snow? by Mattygrl Gandalf talks with a restless Pippin in the Mines of Moria, while Aragorn deals with a recalcitrant Frodo. While talking to Pippin, Gandalf receives a startling revelation from the youngster.
Be Fruitful and Multiply by Linda Hoyland Three generations await the birth of a child
Time Stand Still by Zhie Glorfindel’s caring nature is often overshadowed by his daring deeds.
The Point of the Journey is Not to Arrive by Zhie Elladan feels lost and incomplete. While on a journey, he seeks the advice of the highest powers of Valinor.
Time For a Change by Golden Bilbo and Gandalf and a baby Pippin, what could possibly go wrong?
A Lesson in the Library by Pearl Took Pippin is feeling out of sorts. An elderly Hobbit helps him to think through his troubles.
"A Matter of Perspective: Chapter Two" by Cathleen This story takes place during the evening following the birthday party at the Took farm (See Chapter One). Merry and his grandfather discuss the day’s happenings.
“A Midsummer’s Night Dream” by Dreamflower Young Bilbo has a conversation with his grandfather Gerontius and with Gandalf.
A Game Plan for Gimli by nancylea57 Gimli learns his immediate future plans
Sparks of Hope by The_Arc5 Legolas is taught of hope in a dark night.
A Conspiracy Begun by PipMer We all know how the Conspiracy was unmasked; but how did it begin? Let's start at the VERY beginning...

We hope you will read, enjoy and comment on the stories!


Eagles by judy
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