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Rhapsody the Bard

MPTT archive is down

Hi all,

Last night our host Bluehost was performing maintenance and apparently ran into a heap of troubles. The issue that arose is considered as a rare occurrence, but it did escalate since their network is experiencing issues and they haven't solved it as of yet. But they are working very hard on this; cancelling all leaves and calling in as many people as they can to get everything back up and running.

How does this affect us? Well it has resulted in that our archive cannot be reached at the moment.

This has an impact on the deadline we had set for the Flower and Tree awards: all stories had to be posted to the archive before the 3rd of August. But since nominations have to be posted at the archive, nobody can peruse the site to nominate... Oh dear, Mr Murphy strikes! No worries, I made a back-up before they performed their maintenance.

Since we don't know how long this will last, we cannot set a new deadline for the stories that had to be posted to the archive before August 3rd in order to compete.

Once we know and the site is back up and service has returned to normal we will let you all know.

This being said: we know that at least one member was trying to post her material before the deadline and we granted her an extension and help to get her material posted. If you also wanted to meet this deadline and wanted to upload your stories so that they could compete for this year's Tree and Flower awards: do let us know and we are happy to help.

That's it for now and my apologies for the unexpected downtime. I hope everything is soon back to normal.

(MPTT archive mod)
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