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2013 Tree and Flower Awards Nominations

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who made a nomination this year! I would also like to thank those who helped me in figuring out duplicate/ineligible stories, and in getting all of that straightened out. I would probably still be looking cross-eyed at my computer screen. Special thanks torhapsody11
If you did not get the opportunity to nominate, I hope that you will take the opportunity to vote! As soon as the ballots are ready I will be posting the links to the polls.
Congratulations to all the Nominees! Rhapsody, ysilme andellynn_ithilwen have provided some loviely nomination banners, and you can go here to claim one if you have not already done so!

Here are the nominations for Many Paths to Tread's Second Annual Tree and Flower Awards:

Nominations of works categorized by Races

Favorite story featuring Elves
Taking the Bruise by Himring
The Tapestry by Keiliss
Forging for Protection and Defense by Larner
Daughters of Doriath by Kaylee Arafinwiel
The Walls will serve by Himring

Favorite story featuring Men
First Spring by curiouswombat
Bitter harvest by Nath
A Thousand Lutes by MP brennan
Tongues of men and Angels by Linda Hoyland

Favorite story featuring Dwarves
Opening by Nath
Waiting For The Dead by Iavalir
Horatio's Philosophy by Thundera Tiger
The Book of Mazarbul by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Favorite story featuring Hobbits
Testaments of the Past by Dreamflower & Gryffinjack
Seeking Adventure by Larner
Why Mums and Dads Leave Home by Larner
With Eager Feet by Linda Hoyland

Favorite story featuring Other races or beings
The Wings of Blue Butterflies by Certh
Old Man Willow by Nath
Journeys of Vasa by Dawn Felagund

Nominations of works categorized by Type of work

Favorite Novel
Web of Treason by Linda Hoyland
Light on the Way by Larner
The King's Surgeon by SurgicalSteel

Favorite Drabble or Drabble series
Gone Amiss by Raksha The Demon
A Year In The Walled Garden by curiouswombat
Breaking the Mold by Erulisse
Summer Sports by Linda Hoyland
Family ties by Curiouswombat
A Cat May Look At A King by Linda Hoyland
Different in My Day by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Fixed-Length-Ficlet, other than drabble
The Other by Keiliss
Rededication by Larner
Defiance by Marta
Blooded by Raksha the Demon
The Skies Above Them by Alfirineth

Favorite Poem
Not All Who Wander Are Lost by Dreamflower
Finrod's Promise by Himring
Fellowship Clerihews by Dreamflower
I who loved her by Dawn Felagund

Favorite Nonfiction, essay
A Tolkienian Mathomium: Discussions by MikoNoNyte
The Evenstar and the Ringbearer: The Intertwining Destinies of Arwen Undomiel and Frodo Baggins by Dreamflower
On Writing Tolkien's Elves by Oshun

Favorite Nonfiction, research
I have something to do before the end: The Journey of Samwise the Stouthearted by Antane
The importance of being Bilbo by Dreamflower
The Shire Calendar by Dreamflower

Favorite Art, traditional
Along the Greenway by Nath
Sauron and Huan by Huinare
Telcontar Twins by RS9
The Pain of Love by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Art, photomanip
While These Visions Did Appear by Oshun
Ring of Water by Nath
Rainstorm Over Lake Evendim by Erulisse
I Will Not Say the Day Is Done by Margaret

Favorite Work-in-Progress
The Sword in the Tree, by Linda Hoyland
Erendis: A Love Story by Oshun
In the Court of the High King by Dreamflower

Favorite Vignette
Tribute by wtiger5
Expectations by Himring
Dreams of Boats by Linaewen
More than Meets the Eye Linda Hoyland
Lessons of Birds by Erulisse
Survival of the Fittest by Erulisse

Nominations of works categorized by Source

Favorite story set in The Silmarilion
Heliocentric by Nath
Survivor by Nath
Gems of Light by Erulisse

Favorite story set during The Hobbit
Dragonsblood by Dreamflower
The Precision of Tea by Erulisse

Favorite story set during LotR
The Falcon and the Star by Raksha The Demon
A Candle for a Brother by Erulisse
Coalesced Diffusion by Thundera Tiger

Favorite post-LotR story
A New Garden in Minas Tirith by baranduin
Grace Bestowed by Linda Hoyland
Recognition by Larner
Father's Promises by Ellynn

Favorite story inspired by other books by Tolkien
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Tanis
Tea with Perry by Celeritas

Favorite story inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson
A Time to Mourn by wtiger5
Shadows Grey and Grim by IgnobleBard
Arming the King by Larner

Favorite story inspired by the Hobbit movie by Peter Jackson
Astray on the Road to Bag End by Linaewen

Nominations of works categorized by Genre

Favorite Humor story
Employee Review by Raksha The Demon
Cautionary Tales for Little Hobbits by curiouswombat
Good Morning! by Nath
Prom Queen in Middle-earth by Ellynn
Better to Give Than to Receive by Dreamflower
A streak of Moonlight Linda Hoyland

Favorite Romance story
Another Future by Keiliss
Summer's Lease by Raksha The Demon
The Beautiful Battlements of the Fortress on Himring Hill by Oshun
The Night the Sea Came In by Keiliss
Starlight Rapture by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Adventure story
Secret Garden by Keiliss
The Price of Duty by wtiger5
He who laughs last... by Nath
Protectors by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Drama
The Cruelest Kindness by MP brennan
About Losgar Again by Oshun
Beyond This World by Thundera Tiger
Wars and Rumours of Wars by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Crack!Fic
A Month of Sundays by Kara's Aunty
The Tale of Lucibella the Fair and Fairy Hoofwings by Linda Hoyland
Inequity by Larner

Favorite AU story
Blood Feud by wtiger5
The Last King by Erulisse
Little Estel by Oshun
The Turning of an Age by AStarryNight
The New Master of the Hill by Larner

Favorite Crossover story
A Night at the Silver Crown by Linda Hoyland
It's Not Easy Being Green by Dreamflower
Hobbit and Mouse by Larner
Gwaith i Innas Lain: Quenta Ando Rauco by San Antonio Rose

Favorite Gapfiller
Hearth and Home by Alma Heart
She Watches by Larner
The Ragged Edge of Legend by MP Brennan
The Hardest Battle by Linda Hoyland
Many Branches by Baranduin
Strange Meeting by Linda Hoyland
Oathbreakers by Thundera Tiger

Favorite Fluff
Luck From the Ashes by Raksha The Demon
A Birthday on the Blessed Isle by Dreamflower
Smaug Lives! by Kara's Aunty
The Gift That Finally Came by Rhapsody
The Brightest Star by Linda Hoyland
Sometimes Wonder is Built, Brick by Brick by Larner

Favorite Family story
Of An Angel's Singing by AStarryNight
Seed of Hope by Linda Hoyland
Fathers by Choice by Dreamflower
Lengths and Measures by Thundera Tiger
Ring around the Rosie by Shirebound
Winter Candles by Raksha The Demon

Favorite Recipe!fic
Some Like It Hot by Marta (in Marta's Mathoms - BMEM 2011 , incl chapter 19)
Something Hot Would Go Down Nice by Linaewen
The Sacrifice Accepted by Larner

Nominations of works categorized by Characters

Favorite characterization of Aragorn
Prince of Numenor by Tanis
Nana's Scent by Virodeil
By Names Unknown by MP brennan
Through all the Changing Scenes of Life by Linda Hoyland
A Spear in the Heat by Baranduin
The Colour of Love by Linda Hoyland
The Revenger's Tragedy by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Arwen
Not Like Luthien by Linda Hoyland
The Token by Dreamflower
An Apple a Day by Oshun
Magical Moment by Ellynn
The Time of Probing by Larner
Dog Days by Marta

Favorite characterization of Bilbo
Warm Welcome Home by Dreamflower
The King Has Come Unto His Hall by Marta

Favorite characterization of Boromir
Foray by Raksha The Demon
A Son to Be Proud Of by Linaewen
Bearing the Warrior Home by Linaewen

Favorite characterization of Denethor
Birthday Kisses by Raksha The Demon
Birthright by Marta
Pet rock by Nath
Dream a Little Dream by Marta

Favorite characterization of Elrond
And the Horselords Came by Alma Heart
A Scion of Earendil's House by MP Brennan
Song of Sorrow by Adonnen Estenniel
A Ponderous Tome by Oshun

Favorite characterization of Eomer
Courtship by FoxRafer
More Precious than Jewels by wtiger5
Ice and Tears by Adonnen Estenniel
Nightmares with Nightshirts by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Eowyn
Measures of Time by Raksha The Demon
Eowyn the Passion Heart by Iavalir
The Iron Queen by Alma Heart
Breaking Free by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Faramir
Expectations by Raksha The Demon
Oaths of Allegiance by Linda Hoyland
That Which They Defend by Marta
Living Flame by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Feanor
Five Times that Nerdanel Said Yes by Oshun
Riding the Fire by Raksha The Demon
Greed by Zhie

Favorite characterization of Frodo
A Light From the Shadows by IgnobleBard
A Moment of Light by Larner
Currents by Thundera Tiger

Favorite characterization of Galadriel
Competition by Raksha The Demon
Galadriel: There and Back Again by Himring
A Vault of Topless Trees by Oshun

Favorite characterization of Gandalf
Treasures in Old Socks by MP brennan
Finding Warmth by Larner
Learning Process by Curious Wombat
Trust To Hope by Rhapsody

Favorite characterization of Gimli
Drabbling around at tolkien_weekly by Winterwitch
Sea Longing by Pearl Took
Burdens Shared by Erulisse
Shoulder the Sky, My Lad by Marta

Favorite characterization of Glorfindel
Safety's Price by Keiliss
Coming of Age by Larner
A Cautionary Tale by pandemonium_213
A Lion Amidst the Ladies by Erulisse

Favorite characterization of Halbarad
The Siege of Minas Tirith by SurgicalSteel
Nor to the Northlands by Nath
Well Met Again by Nath
None For Herself by Thundera Tiger

Favorite characterization of Legolas
The Making of an Heirloom by curiouswombat
The Tracks of Time by Raksha The Demon
Western Dawn by Thundera Tiger

Favorite characterization of Maedhros
Heresy by Marta
Something Un-Feanorian by Himring
Pig-Ignorant by Himring

Favorite characterization of Maglor
Star's End by Keiliss
A Ghost is Haunted by Iavalir

Favorite characterization of Merry
Quiet Ones by Alma Heart
Merry's Wedding by Larner
New Perspective by Larner

Favorite characterization of Pippin
A Gate Opens by Pandemonium
The Greatest Is Love by AStarryNight
Kindly Little Soul by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of Sam
Winnowing Time by Dreamflower
The Journey to Rivendell by Erulisse
Looking Up by RavenclawHobbit

Favorite characterization of Saruman
To follow a wizard by Nath
Will you not come down? We’ve got your pipeweed! by Huinare
The Path of Wisdom by Dreamflower
The Sport of your own Crows by Huinare (from Things They Didn't Tell You in the Red Book)

Favorite characterization of Sauron
He who would be Lord of the Harvest by Larner
They're everywhere by Huinare (in: A crack and...)
The Temptation of Rimbrion by Armariel

Favorite characterization of Theoden
Thengling Mighty by Linda Hoyland
Children of Eorl by MP Brennan
Orphan Eyes by Armariel in Voices of Middle-Earth

Favorite characterization of a Dwarf of Thorin's Company
Culture Clash by Erulisse

Favorite characterization of a member of the House of Finwe
Kismet by Keiliss
The Fire and the Hearth by Elleth
Lords of the West by Marta

Favorite characterization of a resident of Doriath
Leaf and Twig by Marta
When Sorrow Sang by Ellynn
The Steward's Tale by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Favorite characterization of a member of the Ainur
One Great Leap by Dreamflower
Tutelage by Marta
With Different Eyes (B2MEM 2012) by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Favorite Story featuring an Original Character
The Inn by Huinare
Ransom by MP brennan
Orcling by pandemonium_213
Alfirin by Certh
Brothers of the Tribe by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Story featuring a Minor Canon Character
Those Who Cannot by Marta
The Days of Men by Marta
A Watcher of Cirith Ungol by Huinare (in: Things They Didn't Tell...)
Belladonna's Gift by Dreamflower
A Sad Tale's Best for Winter by Linda Hoyland

Favorite story featuring a Numenorean
This Distant Shore by Raksha The Demon
After the Darkness by Keiliss
The Downfall by Marta
Volcano by Surgical Steel

Nominations of works in random special categories.

Favorite story by a new author (author a member of MPTT for six months or less)
Approaching Rivendell by Winterwitch
Jewels of June by Necronomijon
The Sound of Laughter by MP brennan

Favorite story featuring a Holiday Theme
The Burning of the Year by Raksha The Demon
Samhain in Mirkwood by Oshun
Yestare in Dol Amroth by Dreamflower
Yule-Tide in Beorn's Hall by Pearl Took
At the Rising of the Moon by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Illustration of a story by an artist
Tea Green Silk by Larner
The Nindalf by Dreamflower
A Portrait of the Artist by Armariel
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