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October 2013 Challenge: One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The October Challenge stories, with the theme of "One picture is worth a thousand words" have now been posted. The prompts for these stories were images assigned to each author. We had eight entries to this challenge.

October 2013 One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Challenge

The Path Home by Erulisse Maglor has wandered the shores of Middle Earth for millennia. Now a final opportunity exists and time is running out. Will he take his last chance to go to the West?
For the Beauty of the Earth by Linda Hoyland Autumn’s beauties fail to impress Aragorn and his hungry Rangers.
Through Other Eyes, by Rhymer Bilbo was never seen in the Shire again, but with Aragorn’s help, he can still see the Shire.
Word Count: 1000 exactly
Ever Ever On by Dreamflower A hobbit finds himself on another adventure.
Jagged Edges by Ellfine One night during the War of Wrath, King Arafinwë of the Noldor takes his first ride aboard Vingilot.
Beyond the Long River by Kaylee Arafinwiel Young Prince Legolas, training for his father’s army, accepts a dare from another warrior trainee. It does not go as well as Legolas would have hoped.
The Refuge from the Storm - by Larner When young Bergil's horse runs away during a storm, only the King's steed will follow after, and an elderly cottager finds herself hosting two Men unexpectedly.
Above the Clouds - by Himring Berion, a captain of Fingon's guard, survives the defeat of his king in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and ends up in Gondolin

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

And authors, remember that late entries are always welcome! Also, please if you have the time, try to upload your story to Many Paths to Tread within a few days. It will save your mods a little work!
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