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2013 LOTR GFIC Yule Fic Exchange

We had a very successful exchange this year! Here are the links to the stories.

Plans for a Future Yule by Larner for Cathleen
It is not this Yule that truly interests Merry and Pippin so much as where they just might be celebrating the one next year!

Brothers by Keiliss for Burning Night
Near the end of the First Age, Maglor faces a decision that will change the future of the world.

Exile to Exile by Elleth for Dawn Felagund
After the Darkening not nearly all past resentments are extinguished, and Nerdanel begins to receive comfort from an unexpected source – and give some in return.

Waking Day by Dreamflower for Shirebound
After two weeks in a healing sleep, Frodo and Sam have awakened at Cormallen.

Treasures by Linaewen for Iavalir
Dís receives a special gift from her childhood friend Balin.

The Assignment by Sivan Shemesh for Erulisse
If only Legolas knew how to say 'No!'

Waiting on the Wise by Rhymer for Linaewen
Boromir endured much hardship on his long journey to Rivendell. What comes after, in the quiet and safety of the House of Elrond, could prove yet harder to endure.

Cage of Light by Astris for Elleth
During the transition to Gondolin, Aredhel finds she is not the only one with doubts.

A Single Celebration - A Yule Exchange Fic by Erulisse (one L)for astris_eldalie
The habit of grand celebrations for all natal days within the royal family has started to get out of hand. Nerdanel has a suggestion, but it is up to Fëanáro and Lord Manwë to make the changes happen that will allow private parties to become socially acceptable once again.

There and Back Again by Shirebound for Larner
The birth of Sam and Rosie’s tenth child triggers a strong reaction in Sam, but Merry and Pippin wonder if there might be something going on more unusual than anyone realizes.

Daytracer by Dawn Felagund for Wheelrider
After the Darkening of Valinor, the Aulendur struggle to find a way to bear aloft the final fruit and flower of the Two Trees. Nerdanel finds a unexpected ally in Arien, who helps her discover the secret knowledge that will return the world to light.

A Gift For Yule by Burning Night for Keiliss
Glorfindel helps a young lady with a puzzling question.

The Greatest Gift of All by Rhapsody for Sivan (pinch hit)
Arwen's late arrival in Rivendell causes quite a consternation.

The King of the Dead by Wheelrider for Rhymer
The Dead are restless, but it is the living who lead them.

Fairy Lights by Iavalir for Dreamflower
Bilbo always waited for Yule, when he would go searching for Fairy Lights.

We thank all the authors who participated in this year's exchange and we hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!


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Jan. 3rd, 2014 11:59 pm (UTC)
What a pleasure to read so many stories. Thank you for this fun exchange!
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