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An Anniversary is Coming!

Many Paths to Tread, the sister archive of this community, will be FIVE YEARS OLD on Sunday, July 27!

To celebrate, we will be doing something a little different this year! There will be some one-paragraph story-starters attached to this post as top-level comments by the mods. We invite our members to contribute to continuing each story in the replies to those comments! You may contribute to as many of them as you like and more than once, but we hope the stories will be able to reach a conclusion by Saturday, July 26.

There will be a starter for each of the following: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, the First Age of Middle-earth, the Second Age of Middle-earth, and Multi-Age. Each completed story will be posted at the archive, with the names of all contributors. (Please be patient with us getting up our starters; they may not all appear at once.)

Here are the rules:
1. Please follow the community rating guidelines.
2. Only post replies that are a part of continuing each story. Save comments and reviews for when the stories are complete. Only mods will be making top-level comments. A separate post will be made for any questions.
3. Keep within the LJ character count for each addition, and if you contribute to a story more than once, try to let someone else add to the story before you add more.

There will also be an Art Challenge for our artist members in a separate post. Keep an eye open for it.

Finally: On July 27, we will begin to take nominations for the 2014 Tree & Flower Awards! Remember, only stories posted at Many Paths to Tread are eligible, and they must be posted at the Archive by Saturday, July 26.

We hope that many of you will come and celebrate with us by creating story and art!

Please comment at THIS LINK if you have any questions or concerns about this challenge!


The Mods

ETA: Deleted comments are only the LJ ping-bot.


Jul. 17th, 2014 09:18 pm (UTC)
Story starter for The Silmarillion (First Age)
The first days of the Mereth Aderthad were relaxed, mostly concerned with raising tents and renewing acquaintances, but Beleg found himself growing tense as the days progressed and the banners of the Fëanorians did not join those of the Fingolfin, of Círdan and King Denethor, and of course, of his own king Elu Thingol. On the fifth day, Beleg rose after a too-late night spent drinking with old companions, just as the sun began to nudge itself over the horizon, when suddenly, the morning stillness was shattered by the sound of trumpets, the gentle morning light turned fierce upon gold and crimson banners. The sons of Fëanor had arrived.
Jul. 19th, 2014 10:03 am (UTC)
Re: Story starter for The Silmarillion (First Age)
Maglor looked up for a moment at the flame-coloured banners fluttering above them, conscious of the half disk of the rising sun behind their backs.
'See, we have managed our dramatic entrance!' he said with considerable satisfaction.
Maedhros grinned, not too obviously, because that might have spoiled the drama a bit. Already they were getting close enough so that he could see the expressions on people's faces and he was beginning to scan the gathering crowd for friends and relatives--and for possible difficulties.
He caught sight of Aredhel, arriving at not entirely dignified speed. As usual, she stood out in her white dress.
Aug. 1st, 2014 01:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Story starter for The Silmarillion (First Age)
A joyful whoop filled his ears and Maglor tried to suppress a smile when he saw how Huan and Celegorm ran past them, nearly pouncing Aredhel in the process. Huan won of course, just barely and knocked the lady over and started to lick her face enthusiastically.
‘Do keep your hound in check before he slobbered all over her, Turko.’ Turgon spoke drily, yet the mirth he tried to show in his words did not reach his eyes.

‘I... am… quite...’ Aredhel tried to shove the big dog aside, but failed to do so.

‘Huan, down boy. I am just as glad to see her although I would prefer to see her not like this.’ Celegorm instructed and pulled Huan away from her.

Maglor could have sworn that the hound scowled at his master and decided to alight as well to greet his cousins.

Edited at 2014-08-01 01:58 pm (UTC)
Aug. 9th, 2014 08:13 am (UTC)
Re: Story starter for The Silmarillion (First Age)
'Maglor', cried Aredhel. 'You're late to the party. What a shame, for the Noldor's greatest bard!'
'I shall do my best to make up for it, Ar-Feiniel', said Maglor, giving her such a courtly bow that it sent her off into a peal of laughter.
Then she sobered. She bent down, patted Huan on the head, and said to Celegorm, without looking at him: 'I thought you weren't coming.'
'I...ah...changed my mind,' said Celegorm awkwardly. He flushed a little.
Aredhel looked up at him and smiled.
Maglor caught sight of a Sinda who bore a great bow watching them all curiously from the crowd. He looked as if he could use that bow, too. Maglor wondered who he was.


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