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Here are a few changes to the competition this year.

We will be adding two art categories:
Favorite Art: Digital (this is separate from and different to the photomanip category).
Favorite Art: Mixed Media (this is for art forms incorporating more than one type of media)

We will be moving Favorite Recipe!Fic from the Genre group to the Special Categories.

We will be dropping the categories of Favorite Story set in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Movie, and Favorite Story set in Other Books by Tolkien this year, due to these categories not having many entries in the last two years. We will reconsider this next year if we see more stories being posted that fit in those two categories.

In the Characters group, we will be dropping the individual categories of Maedhros and Maglor, and replacing it with Favorite Characterization of a Son of Feanor.

We are also going to have a rule concerning a viable category. If there are not at least two stories nominated in a category, and only one is nominated, then we will move that story to another fitting category. If no stories are nominated in a category, then it is likely that category will be dropped next year for at least one year.

FINALLY: This is NOT a change, but a reminder--PLEASE check to make sure that the story has NOT YET BEEN nominated in ANY category! If you are planning to nominate a story about a Character, please check to see if it has been nominated in other possible categories, such as Race, Source or Genre! The first person to nominate that story gets the nomination; the second person may delete their nomination and make a new one by editing their nomination comment, but we won't be holding your hand! If there are only a few hours separating the nominations, we'll try to notify you. However, if there are two or three days between, it's up to you to make any changes. When it gets time to put the poll up we will be deleting the extras. Please look at the time-stamp on another nomination.


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