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Final Check Ballot for Many Paths to Tread 2014 Tree and Flower Awards

Hi all,

Here is the final check ballot for this year's Many Paths to Tread 2014 Tree and Flower Awards.

We made just one change: we renamed Favorite Story inspired by Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Movies to Favorite Story inspired by Peter Jackson's Movies.

If you are nominated or want to display an icon/banner on your own webspace to show your participation, please go here. Thank you Winterwitch and Zdenka for your gorgeous artwork.

Nominations of works categorized by Races

Favorite Story featuring Elves
Where Is Love? by curiouswombat
Broken by Thundera Tiger
Toys in the Hall by Dawn Felagund

Favorite Story featuring Men
Hunting Alone by MP Brennan
Close to Home by Suzelle
Shadows Lengthen Ere Close of Day by MP brennan
The King’s Holiday by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Story featuring Dwarves
The End Of The World As We Know It.... by curiouswombat
What Might Have Happened by Dreamflower
Beneath a Bitter Rain (in Marta's Mathoms - BMEM 2011) by Marta

Favorite Story featuring Hobbits
In Ships Made of Dreams by Shirebound
Last Summer by Rhymer
The Kobold's Pay by Larner
For the beauty of the Earth by Linda Hoyland
A matter of Record by Larner

Favorite Story featuring Other Races or Beings
Looking Up by RavenclawHobbit
Daytracer by Dawn Felagund
Light-weaver by Zdenka
The Wraith's Report by Larner
Each Familiar Bough by Peregrin Ionad

Nominations of works categorized by Type of work

Favorite Novel
Never Again by Nieriel Raina
Keep Alive the Memory by Celeritas
The Road to Edoras By Dreamflower

Favorite Drabble or Drabble Series
Under Strange Stars by Erulisse
The Lay of the Land by curiouswombat
"The House of a Friend" & other drabbles by Himring
Four Seasons of Arnor by Kaylee Arafinwiel
Seasons of the Ring by Linda Hoyland
Imminent Defeat -Short Accounts of Middle-earth by Nieriel Raina

Favorite Fixed-Length-Ficlet Other than Drabble
Catch the Waves by Zdenka
The Swift Flame (in Through Sorrow to Find Joy) by Dawn Felagund
The Pale Enchanted Gold by Dreamflower
From the Battlefield by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Work-in-Progress
Enter the Ranger by Larner
Before the Great Music: An Account Before the Ainulindale by Atanatar Alcarin
Stirring Rings by Larner
Not Quite A Maia by KarasAunty

Favorite Vignette
The same old tale? by Winterwitch
The Lord of Gifts by Shirebound
Valar Valuvar by Celeritas
The Sweet Bard by Makalaure
Yule in Time of War by Larner
Fire in the Blood by Linda Hoyland
Guarding the Shire Shirebound

Favorite Non-fiction: Essay
Without a Pocket Handkerchief by Linaewen
Proud and Stern of Glance by Linaewen
Pick a Hero by Larner
The Not-so-Simple Samwise Gamgee by Larner

Favorite Art: Traditional
Early Morning Wake Up Call by RS9
Aragorn, Arwen and Frodo by RS9
"Arrival" by bethann66
Laurelin by Dawn Felagund
Hobbit sock dolls by Dreamflower

Favorite Art: Photomanip
The Long Good-bye artwork by Armariel
Artwork: Veils by Elleth

Favorite Art: Mixed Media
The Departure of Boromir by thewildernessyears
Eagle Interventions by Dreamflower

Favorite Poetry
Mirkwood by Himring
Four for Bilbo! by Larner
Gondor's Son by Shireling
To Boromir (in Middle-earth Poetry) by Zdenka

Nominations of works categorized by Source

Favorite Story set in The Silmarillion
Songs of Power by Zopyrus
By The Grey Light Of Dawn by Nieriel Raina
Jagged Edges by Ellfine
Exile to Exile by Elleth
Cage of Light by Elvie

Favorite Story set in The Hobbit
The Lord of the Valley by Shirebound
Smaug the Magnificent Reminisces (in Things They Didn't Tell You in the Red Book) by Huinare
Smaug's Lament by Aliensouldream
Concussion by Dreamflower

Favorite Story set in The Lord of the Rings
The Standard Revealed by Larner
No More Shadows by Linaewen
An Oath Fulfilled by Rhymer
A different Kind of Quest Dreamflower

Favorite Post-Lord of the Rings Story
The Sealed Letter by Rhymer
The Path Home by Erulisse
Still There by baranduin
The Water is Wide by Larner
Too Long a Sacrifice by Linda Hoyland
Eucatastrope: The Return by Dreamflower

Favorite Story inspired by Peter Jackson's Movies
Where's Frodo? by KathyG
Hands of a Warrior by MP brennan
A few words by Nath

Nominations of works categorized by Genre

Favorite Adventure Story
The Ambush by Larner
The Accused by Linda Hoyland
Strangers by MP brennan
Rounded Up in the Woods by Dreamflower

Favorite Alternate Universe Story
Devilling Lobelia by Larner
Unravelling the Past by Rhyselle

Favorite Crack!Fic
Green Eggs and Silmarils by Zdenka
Sauron Applies For his Job by Himring
Smiting Ruin by Thundera Tiger

Favorite Crossover
The Gate to Everywhere by Dreamflower
A Gift from Afar by Larner
The Enigma of the Mysterious Shop by Larner
Dwarf Fashion by Virtuella

Favorite Drama
Burdens of the Wise by Suzelle
A Stranger Far From Home by Rhymer
The Greatest Gift of All by Rhapsody
Star of the North by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Family story
Spring in Imladris by Winterwitch
Beyond the Shadows by Linda Hoyland
Strange Encounters by Makalaure
Respite by Linaewen
But Seas Between Us Broad Have Roared… by Dreamflower

Favorite Fluff story
The Old Took's Faunts by Kaylee Arafinwiel
The Perils of Knowing One's Dinner by Larner
Fire in the Sky by MP brennan
An Unfortunate Series of Events by Linda Hoyland
Smelly Orcs by Levade

Favorite Gapfiller
Release by Linda Hoyland
Comfort in a Moment of Grief by Larner
Carved in the Mind by Himring
A Hobbit Walking Party by Dreamflower

Favorite Humor story
Little Disasters by MP brennan
Dead Reckoning by IgnobleBard
Lost by Zhie
My Fair Lindir by IgnobleBard & Thranduil Oropherion Redux
Perfume and Pondweed (in Fables of Faramir and Family) by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Romance
Dancing with the Daffodils by Linda Hoyland.
Snowdrops by Himring
Daisy Chains by Linda Hoyland
A Place of Future Dreams by Keiliss

Nominations of works categorized by Characters

Favorite characterization of Aragorn
The Reins of Power by Rhymer
To Kill a King by Rhymer
The Time That is Given by Linda Hoyland & Raksha the Demon
A Magic Deeper Still by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Arwen
Remembered Trees by Rhymer
Dead Elvish Writers by Suzelle
Lady of the Elanor (in Middle-earth Poetry) by Zdenka
Keeping Cool by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Bilbo
The Ring and the Book by Rhymer
Eleventy-One Years: Too Short a Time; Book One by Dreamflower.
Voices at the Door by Rhymer
Apple Bruised Makes Apple Pie by Marta

Favorite characterization of Boromir
In Vino Veritas by Rhymer
Waiting on the Wise by Rhymer
A Dark Shadow Under The Moon by Nieriel Raina
The Warrior and the Dreamer (in Fables of Faramir and Family) by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Denethor
Honor Unabated by Linaewen
Harsh Words by Linaewen
Clouded Skies (in Fables of Faramir and Family) by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Elrond
Not By Chance by Linaewen
Song for Tomorrow by Keiliss
Fissure by Makalaure

Favorite characterization of Éomer
Here Comes The Bride by curiouswombat
The Hawk and the Horselord by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Éowyn
Garnet and Gold by Rhymer
Tie Me to This Our Ancient Earth by mercuriewords
The Fifth Day by Certh
Silver Threads (in Fables of Faramir and Family) by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Faramir
A Child's Dream of Hope by Larner
The Steward's Blessing, by Linda Hoyland.
The More Things Change by MP brennan
A Meeting of Minds by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Fëanor
The Quilt by Linda Dawson
Influence of Memories by Erulisse

Favorite characterization of Frodo
All Rivers Run to the Sea by Shirebound
And the Halfling Forth Shall Stand by Shirebound
Spring Returned by Larner

Favorite characterization of Galadriel
Now Was Her Labor But Begun by Zdenka
All that Remains by Linda Hoyland
Queen by Elleth

Favorite characterization of Gandalf
Conversation in the Sun by Dreamflower
A Most Sterling Recommendation by Antane
Rained In by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of Gimli
Beyond the Mountain Passes by Thundera Tiger
Changed by Nieriel Raina
Mathoms by Winterwitch

Favorite characterization of Glorfindel
Training Grounds by Erulisse
Looking Homeward by Levade
It's A Frog's Life by Keiliss

Favorite characterization of Halbarad
Its Own Reward by Rhymer
Will the Light Return? by Larner
The Hardest Battle by Linda Hoyland

Favorite characterization of Legolas
Lord of Misrule by Rhymer
Best by Far by Nieriel Raina
The Young Warrior by curiouswombat

Favorite characterization of Merry
The Swallow by Rhymer
Joy Like Swords by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of Pippin
A Sense of Wonder by Shirebound
What I Did This Summer by Dreamflower
Cast Away by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of Sam
On Gardens and Growing Things by Rhymer
Sunstroke by KathyG

Favorite characterization of Saruman
Unfriendly Persuasion by Larner.
Maedhros and the Palantir by Himring

Favorite characterization of Sauron
The Darkest Lord by Rhymer
Ea by Marta

Favorite characterization of a Son of Fëanor
Seamstress by Zopyrus
Brothers by Keiliss
Thrill of the Chase by Zhie
Paper by Dawn Felagund

Favorite characterization of Thorin & Company
Safe in My Arms by Shirebound
More Than Meets the Eye by Shirebound
Roast Mutton Revisited by Dreamflower

Favorite characterization of a member of the House of Finwë
The Untrodden Path by Makalaure
Shared Knowledge by Himring
The Legacy of Love by Rhapsody

Favorite characterization of a resident of Doriath
Songs of Sun and Shadow by Zdenka
Master of Mischief by Kitt Otter
Girded (in Marta's Mathoms - BMEM 2011) by Marta

Favorite characterization of a member of the Ainur
River-Mother and River-Daughter by Zdenka
Vengeance From the Void by Atanatar Alcarin

Favorite characterization of a Numenorean
The Trees of Numenor by Himring
When We Were Very Young by Marta
In the Last Hour by Zdenka

Favorite Story featuring an Original Character
Fierce and a Little Ragged by EverleighBain
Above the Clouds by Himring
The Reluctant Bride by Linda Hoyland
Paths of Exile by Zdenka

Favorite Story featuring a Minor Canon Character
Weeding by EverleighBain
All Shadows' Night by Raksha The Demon
Speak, Friend, and Enter by Suzelle
'I Who Am Water' by Himring
An Unexpected Letter by Linda Hoyland

Nominations of works in random Special Categories

Favorite Story featuring a New Author (author a member of Many Paths to Tread for six months or less)
Prince of Cats by Suzelle
The Antithesis by Makalaure
The Importance of Family by zopyrus

Favorite Story with a Holiday Theme
The Music of the Land by Dreamflower
Midsummer Magic by Linda Hoyland
The Ring-day Fete by Larner

Favorite Recipe!Fic
Recipe for Reminiscence by Curious Wombat
Kitchen Diplomacy by Erulisse

The voting poll for this year's Tree and Flower Awards will be posted shortly.
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