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Kimberly Klaus

On what would have been Boromir’s 45 birthday, Faramir reminisces about his brother to Eowyn. If the timelines are wrong please forgive me.:

Faramir was rarely late to the evening meal, and Eowyn was slightly miffed, especially as her skill in the kitchen was improving under the tutelage of their kitchen staff. She preferred to prepare their meals herself, despite her husband’s exalted position within the White City. Fall was coming and there was a bite in the air; she wrapped a cloak around herself and asked Eldmar, the guard who kept watch over their home, if he had seen Faramir.
“Last I saw him, he was walking toward the large pond just outside the orchard, My Lady,” the guard said with a bow. “He goes there each year on this day.”
Having just married Faramir six months previously, Eowyn was puzzled. “Why on this day? It is too cold for swimming or fishing.”
“Today is his brother Boromir’s birthday,” the guard said gently. “It is still a difficult day for him; I have known both of them since they were small. Perhaps if you kept him company…?”
The peach trees of Ithilien were bare this time of year; the few remaining leaves rustled forlornly on the branches and on the ground. Faramir stood on a dock that extended twenty feet out onto the pond, arms folded, eyes intent on the water. He looked up at his wife. “Eldmar told you where I was?” he asked. She nodded. “And why you are here.”
“Boromir taught me how to swim right here from this dock,” Faramir told her. “Well, if you can call grabbing me by my arms and launching me ten feet out when I was five. He stood there laughing while I coughed and spluttered and called him names that would have caused our mother to wash my mouth out with soap had she heard it.”
Faramir shook his head. “We competed in most things, Boromir and I. Naturally he had a head start in nearly everything, being older, in some things I can mention, and others I can’t.”
Eowyn’s mouth twitched. “Your discretion is appreciated, husband.”
“But we competed in nothing more fiercely than for our father’s approval. I was raised as an only child and so was my brother, you might say. My mother raised me, and our father raised him. You know how he reacted when Boromir was killed. But…my brother taught me so much and I will always be grateful.” He heaved a deep sigh. “How I miss him.”
Eowyn put her head on his shoulder as the horn call to change the guard echoed in the distance.
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