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This year we had a very successful exchange this year! Here are the links to the stories.

A Yule Story written for Dreamflower by kimby1967
There’s a good reason why hobbits and boats should avoid each other. Bilbo can’t resist a challenge from his cousin Otho Sackville-Baggins, but at the worst possible time.

A Yuletide Toast written for Arwen75 by Linaewen
Aragorn and the hobbits recall a past Yule and how it was celebrated.

Aim written for sivanshemesh by mahmfic
Thorin is just trying to work. However, Fili and Kili prove to be a distraction when they argue.

As in Chess written for Linaewen by Marta
Gandalf, Húrin of the Keys, Faramir, and a game of chess; or, personal politics by another name.

Eucatastrophe: Yuletide in Annúminas written for Larner by Dreamflower
When the Council of Arnor is hit with bad weather at Yuletide, the King and his Counsellors must make the best of it.

Friendship's Journey written for kimby1967 by aliensouldream
Pippin misses the Fellowship.

Hands Wide Open written for talullahred by ladyelleth
A group of Easterlings, the rambunctious young High King of the Noldor, and Eglarest in winter may not make for quite as disastrous a day as Galdor of the Havens initially suspected.

Like a Shooting Star, Leaping Skywards written for Lady Elleth by Keiliss
Sensing danger, Galadriel has sent a former friend to guide Meril and her young son Gil-galad down the coast from Eglarest to Balar

Of Yule Past written for Fades Into the West by Talullah Red
Finrod thinks of the past.

On the Role of the Yule Dwarf written for Pizzamargherita by Larner
On returning to his people, young Aragorn learned that there was more than one role he was expected to fill. He was now Chieftain due to his birth, but because of his height he was expected to portray a--Dwarf?

Oropher & Thranduil: Meeting The Twins written for Keiliss by Sivan shemesh
Oropher wanted time with Thranduil, who wanted nothing but his pet back. What could possibly go wrong? Hint: Twins + fox = trouble.

Strange Folks written for Kaylee Arafinwiel by pizzamargherita
Diplomatic journeys are a boring business, especially if you ask Legolas Thranduilion. The royal offspring of Erebor, however, know their very own way of passing long winter’s days.

Yule in Annúminas written for aliensouldream by arwen75
The first Yule that Pippin is Thain runs differently to what is expected.

Yuletide Reunions written for mahmfic/Megan by Kaylee Arafinwiel
The End is, after all, only the Beginning; after his business with Bilbo has finished, and he has slept for a time in Mahal’s Halls, Thorin finds himself rediscovering those he has missed for a very, very long time.

We thank all the authors who participated in this year's exchange and we hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!


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Jan. 2nd, 2015 08:10 pm (UTC)
Goodness, that's quite a crop of new fic! Well done. I know I've read a few so far but have lots more to go through.
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