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Strong Body, Strong Will by Linaewen

Author: Linaewen
Title: Strong Body, Strong Will
Rating: G
Theme: Potluck
Elements: Bunny Hutch (June 2014) -- Third Age, Gondor: Something that the Steward’s son (or both of them, or separate things) do exactly like his/their father, or mother. (suggested by almaheart)
Author's Notes: In this story, Faramir is roughly 10 years old.
Summary: Faramir learns a lessson from his brother that helps him face a distasteful duty.
Word Count: 522

Strong Body, Strong Will

Faramir watched his older brother closely as he cut off a portion of the meat on his plate and placed it in his mouth, chewing and swallowing with relish. Looking down at his own plate, he gazed forlornly at his untouched portion.

"Boromir? I know you tell me that liver is good for making the body strong, and you like things like that, but do you truly love eating liver so much?"

Boromir set down his knife and fork. "No, Faramir," he replied with a smile. "I actually dislike liver very much. I would be happy if I never had to eat it again!"

"But... but..." Faramir sputtered in confusion. "You always seem to eat it happily! And you always eat it first, before everything else!"

"Ah, so you have been watching me as I eat, have you? Observing my habits, perhaps?"

Faramir grinned. "Yes, brother. I thought that if I do things the same way you do, I could grow big and strong like you. And Father, too. You follow Father's habits of eating, so I want to be like that, too -- though it is hard to want to eat liver...."

"Father's habits of eating?" Boromir interrupted, his look questioning.

"Yes," answered Faramir. "Both you and Father always eat the liver first, leaving all the tasty food, all your favorite things, on the plate. Only after you have eaten the liver do you eat the good food. Why is that? I always want to eat my favorite things first!"

Boromir laughed. "I want to eat my favorite things first, too! It is a hard thing to eat something you dislike, liver in particular. But you are right, I learned a good lesson from Father. He taught me that eating liver -- or some other food you hate to eat -- is like doing battle. The best strategy is to be brave and take out the worst enemy first; the fight that follows will always seem easy after that. To do battle with liver, it is not enough to believe that it is good for making your body strong; you have to make your will strong as well. Being brave and eating something that tastes so vile is one way to strengthen your will!"

"So if you think liver tastes so vile," Faramir said slowly, "why do you always look so happy when you are eating it?"

"I am thinking about how wonderful my favorite food will taste after the liver is finished!" Boromir grinned. "It is truly the only way I can face the thought of eating it, sometimes!"

Faramir looked down at the piece of liver he had been hesitating over and resolutely picked up his fork and knife. "I want to be as strong in body and in will as you, Boromir!" he exclaimed. "It also helps to know that Father does not like liver, either! I may not be able to smile as I eat it like you do, but I will definitely be looking forward to my dessert after this!"

"The reward of the victorious warrior is sweet!" cried Boromir. "To battle, and then to dessert!"
Tags: challenge: 2015 potluck, month: 2015 january
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