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Seeking Introductions - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: Seeking Introductions
Rating: G
Theme: Fanworks Day
Elements: Elrond
Author's Notes: For 20thCenturyVole and PoppyMuddyfoot for their birthdays
Summary: There is one particular celebrity Bilbo wishes to especially meet in the Undying Lands
Word Count: 491

Seeking Introductions

Elrond stepped out upon the deck of the ship that bore him to Tol Eressëa, sweeping the deck with his gaze, and finding the object of his search standing on tiptoe, staring determinedly over the forward rail. He smiled, and walked carefully across the damp wood to stand beside Bilbo Baggins. “You are so eager to see the Lonely Isle that you will dare the rain, my small friend?”

Bilbo looked up with an eager smile the peredhel had not seen for several years on the Hobbit’s face. “I cannot wait to get there and to walk where none of my kind has ever walked before—or, at least, not to the knowledge of anyone I have spoken with. I rather wish that Glorfindel had come with us, for I am certain I would have been able to convince him to help me meet many of those I have heard tell of over the long years of my life. I have so longed to see such worthies as Finrod Felagund and Lord Olwë of Aquallondë.”

Elrond noted that Bilbo held under his arm a small book he had fashioned for himself, binding it with white deerskin stamped with gold lettering. In it Bilbo had been gathering brief descriptions of many individuals he had spoken with in the time he’d spent as a member of Elrond’s household, each notation written whenever possible by the one whose story the Hobbit had wished to acquire. “We will not be within sight of the island, they tell me, before the morrow’s dawn. I fear there will be no one to write within your book before noon. Perhaps someone of note will meet our ship who will consent to indulge you, however.”

“Oh, I do hope so. Although, Elrond, there is one individual I do hope you will be able to convince to come to meet with us. Ever since I learned this grace was being granted to me I have so wished to meet in person.”

“Whom might this be?” Elrond asked. “And what makes you think that I might be able to persuade this person to come to Tol Eressëa to meet you?”

“It’s your father, Eärendil the Mariner. Ever since I first heard his story I’ve wanted to meet him, even to the point of writing that poem that I recited first the evening Frodo awoke from the Morgul wound. I know you found it presumptuous—certainly the Dúnadan did! But of all of the historical figures I’ve ever heard tell of, he is the one person I have dreamed many times of meeting in so many different manners. And now, at last, I have the chance perhaps, before I must go on, to do so. Please say that you will try to get him to come so I can perhaps convince him to write in my book!”

Shaking his head at the Hobbit’s irrepressible nature, Elrond, formerly of Imladris, agreed to try.
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