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This year, Many Paths to Tread will turn six years old on July 27!

To celebrate, we are going to do the following things. There will be a comment challenge, which we have not had in a while; we will try to finish and roll out last year's Round Robin comment stories, and of course we will begin our annual "Tree and Flower Awards", opening nominations on our anniversary date.

Here is our comment challenge--

Six by Six Anniversary Comment Challenge

The challenge will be to make six different comments on works at the Many Paths to Tread archive in any or all of six different groups.

1. Six stories in six different genres. (Definitions of genres can be found here, and you can search here.)
2. Six stories by six different authors. (Search by authors here.)
3. Six stories in six different categories. (Search by categories here.)
4. Six different stories written for challenges. (Search for challenge stories here.)
5. Six different works of art (Search in our Art Gallery here.)
6. Six different works of non-fiction. (Search for non-fiction here.)

Artists: We will need a banner and matching icon for each of the six groups and a seventh special banner and icon for those who complete all six of the groups. Please PM the mods if you would like to make any!

Consult the Six by Six Rules post for rules and more information, but please put any questions or general comments at this post. That post will be reserved for comments about completed challenges. Comments there will be screened until we are sure they are relevant.

Now, as for the Round Robin last year, the stories from The Hobbit and the one from The Lord of the Rings are essentially complete. Those threads will be frozen, and will soon be posted at MPTT after a bit of editing. The threads for the other stories are not complete. You may comment here to add to the Multi-age story, and you may comment here to add to the Second Age story, and you may comment here to add to the First Age story. Comments on the Round Robins will be left open until July 17, after which we will ask for a volunteer to complete the story if it has not reached an ending.

We will ask each person who contributed to a story to suggest a title, and there will be a poll to decide on the title. If all goes well, all of the stories will be posted at MPTT on the 27.

As for the "Tree and Flower Awards", just begin to think of stories you'd like to nominate. We will be making some preliminary posts over the next few weeks! Remember that previous winners are ineligible!


Jul. 6th, 2015 05:15 pm (UTC)
I recently edited the movie based category to add TH, fan films and other film adaptations. Apparently I messed it up when editing. (Previously it only contained PJ's LOTR).

I will see if I can fix that, if not I may have to get Dawn or Rhapsody to check and see where I messed up.

Thank you for letting me know!
Jul. 6th, 2015 05:33 pm (UTC)
Great, thanks! I was almost sure I remembered seeing movie-based fic on the archive before! And I also meant to say, I think this commenting challenge is a great idea.


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