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Many Paths to Tread's Six by Six Anniversary Comment Challenge Rules!

Six by Six Anniversary Comment Challenge

The challenge will be to make six different comments on works at the Many Paths to Tread archive in any or all of six different groups.

1. Six stories in six different genres. (Definitions of genres can be found here, and you can search here.)
2. Six stories by six different authors. (Search by authors here.)
3. Six stories in six different categories. (Search by categories here.)
4. Six different stories written for challenges. (Search for challenge stories here.)
5. Six different works of art (Search in our Art Gallery here.
6. Six different works of non-fiction. (Search for non-fiction here.)


1. All comments must be made at the Many Paths to Tread archive. Any work at the MPTT archive is eligible for this challenge.
2. As you complete a group, post here with a comment telling which group you have completed. ONLY comment when you have completed the entire group. You do not have to provide links to the stories, though that would be nice, since some people might like to use your comment as a rec.
3. Note that some works may be in more than one group. For the purposes of this challenge you can only use one group per work, so if you have both a genre and a challenge story for one work, then you must choose which of the groups to put it in.
4. Do not use a comment you made prior to the date of this announcement. All comments used for the challenge should be made between July 6 and July 27.
5. You may comment on any or all groups. You do not have to comment on all six, although there will be special recognition for those who do. There will also be recognition for all who participate and complete at least one group.

Do NOT comment at this post with questions about the challenge or with general comments. THOSE should be directed to the original announcement post. Comments to this post will be screened to make sure they are relevant, and unscreened as soon as a mod checks them.
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