lotrcom_mods (lotrcom_mods) wrote in lotr_community,

Changes to this year's Tree and Flower Awards

There are only a couple of changes to the competition this year.

We have combined the three non-fiction sub-categories of Essay, Research, and Tutorial, into one sub-category of Non-fiction.

We have combined the sub-category of movies: it will now be "Favorite story inspired by Peter Jackson's movies of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings". So any story that is movie-verse can be nominated in this category.

Another step we have taken is to formalize our policy on ties, as it's what we have always done anyway. Two-way ties will share the award equally. Three-way or more ties will have a run-off. If they still tie, then they will share the award.
Tags: announcement, tree and flower awards
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