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The Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Awards: Rules

4th T and F awards banner

In celebration of our Sixth Anniversary, we are pleased to announce the third Many Paths to Tread Tree and Flower Awards!

Here are the rules:

1. Only stories posted at the Many Paths to Tread Archive are eligible.

2. Stories or art must have been posted at the MPTT Archive by July 26 of this year to be eligible. All stories posted to the site prior to that date are eligible. Stories may be updated after that, but the story must have gone up at the archive on or before that date.

3. No stories or art which won an award in the previous year are eligible for a second nomination, except a story which was nominated in the Work-in-Progress category in a previous year may be nominated in a different category when it is completed. Lists of previous winners will be posted for nominators to check prior to making nominations. Please check this post to find links to the list of previous nominees.

4. No self nominations.

5. Nominations will be made to posts at the LiveJournal Community. (If you have trouble accessing LiveJournal, you may email the mods at: manypaths@lotrgfic.com to make nominations for you.)

6. Stories may run in only one category; if the story is nominated in two or more categories the earliest nomination will count. (We ask that nominators check other nominations prior to making their nominations, to avoid duplicates. This is very important. Please check other categories a story may be nomintated in.) Nominators may nominate one story per category, but may make nominations in as many categories as they wish. In the event that a category is not viable, the mods may choose to move the story to another category; a story must have at least two nominations to be viable.

7. Nominators are permitted to promote the stories they have nominated, though they cannot ask people to vote for any particular one.

8. Nominations will open on July 27 and will run through August 17.

9. The first round of voting will begin on August 20 and will continue to September 20. Votes will be cast in a poll, the link to which will be announced at both this community and at the Yahoo! email group.

10. Places will be first, second, third and Honorable Mention in each category. Two-way ties will share the award; three-way or more ties will be subject to a run-off vote.

This is a simple old-fashioned "ticky-box" awards, but we hope everyone will enjoy participating in it! Come and help us celebrate our Sixth Anniversary!
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