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Tree and Flower Awards Extension!

First of all, we'd like to thank all of those who have made nominations over the last several days; your enthusiasm is most appreciated!

However there are still a few subcategories without nominations, or which only have one or two; also we are a bit behind in working out the voting polls.

Therefore, we are extending the nominations for one week (to August 24), and all other associated dates for the awards will also be pushed up a week. If you had planned to make nominations before this but did not get a chance, now you can. You can also get in a few more now if you were making nominations.

In relation to this, there are still a few works that were nominated twice, as well as a couple that were previous winners. I will be making a post later on with the nominated stories, including the time-stamp on the nomination.

We'd appreciate anyone who has the time to check through and see if they can help us spot the duplicates; this will give the nominators a chance to edit their nomination if they need to, and nominate something else.

I hope this will boost the nominations!
Tags: announcement, tree and flower awards, tree and flower awards: nominations
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