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Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Awards Voting is Now Open

4th T and F awards banner

The polls for the Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Awards are now open.

Below the cut are all of the eligible nominations. There were still a few duplicates and previous winner nominations that had to be cut, and also we had to change some of the nominations into a different category.

There was only one nominations in Characterization: Theoden. "Dogs of the Golden Hall" by nautika was moved from the Characterization category to Genre: Alternative Universe.

There were several changes to the various Art subcategories. Some of the pieces were not in the sub-category for which they were nominated; moving those meant that other sub-categories had to also move to keep others viable. So here is how they were shifted: "Polymer Clay Projects" by Dreamflower was moved to the Traditional sub-category; "Probably Ritual" by Rhymer and "The Elder Oak" were moved to Special Categories: Favorite Illustration of a Story; and the subcategories of Digital and Photomanip were combined into Art: Digital or Photomanip. This left only two in the Mixed Media subcategory, and since neither of those were traditional they also were moved into the Digital or Photomanip category. This was not ideal, but it was the best way we could think of to shuffle them around. So if you were the nominator of any of these, that is why you will not find them where they were originally placed. It did end up with a person having two nominations in the same sub-category, however that was a mod decision and not their fault.

The nomination list is posted here with the links to the stories. If you want to read a story before voting, you may use these links. The poll did not allow for us to incorporate links into the ballots.

Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Award Nominations

Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Award Nominations

Nominations for the Category of Races:

Favorite Story featuring Elves
Beyond The Sea by Keiliss
The Musician by Makalaure
Shades of the immortal by Levade
New Friends by Ysilme
Wing-Bone Whistle by Wormwood

Favorite Story featuring Men
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by Rhymer
Smoke and Mirrors, by Makalaure
The Ties that Bind by Linda Hoyland
Snowballs by Himring
A Quiet Drift of Petals by sian22
Hands Wide Open by Elleth

Favorite Story featuring Dwarves
In a Dusty Corner by Shirebound
Celebrimbor looks in Kheled-zaram by Himring
Treasures by Linaewen

Favorite Story featuring Hobbits
Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands by Shirebound
Uncertainty regarding Lordliness by Larner
The Would-Be Mariner by Zdenka
Stories, Familiar and Rare by Larner
Finding Courage by Dana

Favorite Story featuring Other Races or Beings
Memento Mori by My Blue Rose
The Gig in the Sky by Makalaure
Long Swift Lines, in Winged Voices: Birds of Middle-earth by Himring

Nominations categorized by Types of Work

Favorite Novel
The Shadow of War by Rhymer
The Fourth Son II by The Ent
And Morgoth Trembled by Zhie

Favorite Drabble or Drabble Series
Freedom by Larner
Fables of Faramir and family by Linda Hoyland
Learning to love by Linda Hoyland
Unexpected aspects of Motherhood by curiouswombat
The Voices of Silence by Rhapsody

Favorite Fixed-Length-Ficlet Other than Drabble
Arrival by Ness
What He Could Recall by Dreamflower
Telpelindë, by Silver Trails
Relief by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Work-in-Progress
An Excess of Weather by Nath
Unto the ending of the world by Nath
Danger in Ithilien by Linda Hoyland
The Invasion by Dreamflower

Favorite Vignette
The Perils of Fame by Linda Hoyland
A New Life by Larner
Devious Council by Rhapsody
Leaves of Grass by FoxRafer
The Watchtower by Ness

Favorite Poetry
Light and Labor Past by Zdenka
O Beauty! by Linda Hoyland
Gilraen leaves for Rivendell by Himring
A Love Song to Middle-Earth in Spring by Himring

Favorite Non-fiction
Friendship on the Quest by Kathy G
Good vs. Evil in the Lord of the Rings by Linaewen
Anatomy of the Ring-bearer by Larner
Health Care in Gondor and Rohan by Marta

Favorite Art: Traditional
Kingly Portrait by RS9
Sam, in: Character Sketches, by Tarlo the Wanderer
Gandalf Recieves Narya by Elf of cave
Polymer Clay Bag End Projects by Dreamflower

Favorite Art: Photomanip or Digital
Beautiful, in: Petal by Armariel
Sunset by Nath
Tawarwaith Tales by Elleth
While these Visions did Appear by Oshun
The Sun-maiden's raiment by Rhapsody

Nominations for stories categorized by Source material:

Favorite Story set in The Silmarillion
Bright Things by Zdenka
Like a Shooting Star, Leaping Skywards by Keiliss
Like the Voice of an Old Friend by Himring

Favorite Story set in The Hobbit
Dream Feast by Dreamflower, Larner, KathyG
Contrasts in Character by Larner
A Favor Asked by Larner

Favorite Story set in The Lord of the Rings
Whither goest thou? by sian22
The Trouble with Chestnuts, by Dreamflower, Larner, Linda Hoyland, Raksha The Demon, Shirebound, Linaewen, periantari
The Undiscovered Country by Linda Hoyland
A Moment of Connection by Larner

Favorite Post-Lord of the Rings stories (Using material from the Appendices and other works)
Winter's Balm by Sian22
A Bridge Between by Karri
Never Too Late by Keiliss
Return to Rivendell by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Story inspired by Peter Jackson's Movies of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings
Celeborn's Gift by Karri
Repeat by Pearl Took
Sam's Cloak in He's Gotten to the Good Part by Shirebound

Nominations in the Special Categories

Favorite Story featuring a New Author
Departure by Ness
Cinderella in the White City by Shire Rose
nonetheless by Ness
The Longest Night by Hours Gone By
The Last Green Leaf by Cassie Hughes

Favorite Story with a Holiday Theme
Of Yule Past by Talullah
First-Day Blessing by Linaewen
A Holiday Feast by Larner
Adar Rhiw by Zhie

Favorite Recipe!Fic
Mistress Butterbur and the Ranger by Baranduin
Of Spices and Stewed Goat by Rhymer
Trial and Error, by Ysilme
Broth With Herbs by Linaewen
A Special Homecoming by Dreamflower
Stewing, by Tallulah

Favorite Illustration of a story by an artist
Art for Gwaith i Innas Lain: Quenta Ambarmetto [Box] by Citrine2
Evil Undone - artwork, by Nath
The Elder Oak by thequickbrownfox
Probably Ritual by Rhymer

Nominations categorized by Genre

Favorite Adventure
Overlooked by Dana
A Dragon Cometh by Karri
A Stranger in a Strange Land by Linda Hoyland
Strangers in a Strange Land by My Blue Rose
Talismans by MP Brennan

Favorite Alternate Universe Story
Not as was Intended by Larner
Elenion Ancalima by Nath
Rapunzel in Orthanc by Shire Rose
Dogs of the Golden Hall by nautika

Favorite Crack!Fic
The Day We Met Master Salizidud by Huinare
Maglor & Bugs Bunny in Three Sentence Fics: Tolkien by Zdenka
Hewing Naught But Wood by Thundera Tiger

Favorite Crossover
Cook Needed by Larner
The evening consultation by Rhapsody
Celebrating a Holiday by Pearl Took

Favorite Drama
Grey in the Dark by Rhymer
Silken Peril by Linda Hoyland
The Wheel Turns by Keiliss
Circles of the City by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Family Story
Animalia by sian22
The Oak's Secret by Linda Hoyland
Wealth and Want by Linda Hoyland
Fears in the Night by Tiny Teddy Bear
Always tell me first by Zhie
Missed Connections by Suzelle

Favorite Fluff Story
The Gift of Dreaming by Shirebound
A Tale of Two Dragons by Linda Hoyland
Estel's Unexpected Adventure by Linda Hoyland
Water, Wood and Stone by Zdenka
Comfort by Dana

Favorite Gapfiller
Redemption Begun by Larner
To Seek for the Sword by My Blue Rose
Room at the Inn by Linda Hoyland
Seven Stones and Seven Stars and One White Tree by Shirebound
A Spear in the Heart by Baranduin
Two Ladies of Rohan by Himring

Favorite Humor Story
Of Herbs and Small Bunnies by Rhymer
Disruption by Ysilme
The Bunny of Doom by Nerudhel
The Lay of Strider by Larner

Favorite Romance
The Bride Price by sian22
Like Pools of Shadow, in: Drabbles: The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales by Zdenka
The Storm by Linda Hoyland

Nominations for the Works categorised by Characterisation:

Favourite Characterisation of Aragorn
The Distant Shore by Linda Hoyland
Arrow by My Blue Rose
A Captain and a Cause by Rhymer
Elessar by Himring

Favorite Characterisation of Arwen
Letting Go the Fear by Larner
And in Hope by Nath
The Gift by Karri
Beneath the Birches by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Characterisation of Bilbo
A Convivial Evening by Dreamflower
Seeking Introductions by Larner
An Evening at Whitwell by Dreamflower

Favorite Characterisation of Boromir
Face of the Enemy by Linaewen
Forging a Path by Rhymer
Captains and Pawns by sian22
Of Ancestors and toothache by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Characterisation of Denethor
Returned to his Proper Place by Larner
The Best Laid Schemes by Linda Hoyland
Pelendur's Folly by Marta

Favorite Characterisation of Elrond
Following the Fellowship from Afar by Larner
Sea Foam, Star Shine by MP brennan
Getting to Know Him by Oshun
Of Him the Harper Sadly Sing by Zhie

Favorite Characterisation of Éomer
Cushions by curiouswombat
Siege - for Armariel by Celeritas
The Kings of the Golden Hall by Shirebound
Faster, Higher, Stronger by Linda Hoyland

Favorite Characterisation of Éowyn
Daughters, Sisters, Wives by Rhymer
How The Maidens Got Their Swords by curiouswombat
The Reward by Ysilme

Favorite Characterisation of Faramir
The Man Behind the King by Lindahoyland
Healing the Healers - Rhymer
The Mystery of the Brown Ghost by Larner
Sitting by a Wall in the Sun by Shirebound

Favorite Characterisation of Fëanor
Ghosts by Silver Trails
Lover Boy by Makalaure
Master Swordsmith by Oshun
Fëanáro by Silver Trails

Favorite Characterisation of Frodo
Frodo's A-maize-ing Garden by Dreamflower
A Place to Work and Work to Do by Larner
The Bookbinder and the Hobbit, by baranduin
Dealing with Bullies by Larner

Favorite Characterisation of Galadriel
The Ship of Lothlorien, in Winged Voices: Birds of Middle-earth by Himring
Barbarian by Makalaure
Mirror of World and Time by Ellynn
What Is, Was & Will Be by Tanis

Favorite Characterisation of Gandalf
Great souls by Dreamflower
Water Cold by baranduin
The King's Blessings by Shirebound
The Wizard and the Goatherd by MP brennan

Favorite Characterisation of Gimli
Blind Clarity by Thundera Tiger
All that glitters by sian22
Hunting by Thundera Tiger
Pendant by Armariel

Favorite Characterisation of Glorfindel
Aragorn by Silver Trails
That Which Does Not Kill Us...Or Does It? by Kaylee Arafinwiel
Beam Me Up, Glorfindel by Zhie

Favorite Characterisation of Halbarad
Inheritance, by Nath
At the Turning of the Year by Suzelle
Voices in the Mist, by Linda Hoyland
Against the Darkness by Ness

Favorite Characterisation of Legolas
In the Company of Hobbits by Shirebound
The People of the Stars by Shirebound
The Trouble with Good Intentions by Cassie Hughes
Dismissing Shadows by Noldesse
The Grove by Karri
If Winter comes Linda Hoyland

Favorite Characterisation of Merry
The Master and the King by Rhymer
A Stranger Grown by Rhymer
Lessons in Leadership by Linaewen
A Blessed Journey, by Shirebound

Favorite Characterisation of Pippin
A Trusty Tune by Virtuella
A Lúthien Within the Shire by Larner
Thain Peregrin: the First Days by Garnet Took
The Magic of a Wizard's Song by Shirebound
Somewhat Grim to Look Upon, by Linda Hoyland
Silent Knight by Shirebound

Favorite Characterisation of Sam
The Extraordinary Son by Larner
Tater's Adventure by Dreamflower
The Master and the Gardener's Apprentice by Dreamflower
Two Hobbits by baranduin

Favorite Characterisation of Saruman
Angandil's Strange Evening by Huinare
Knowledge is for the Wise in Drabbles: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by Zdenka

Favorite Characterisation of Sauron
Discordant Symphony in: Short Accounts of Middle-earth by Nieriel Raina
Foe and Friend by Zdenka

Favorite Characterisation of a Son of Fëanor
Oath-Bound in: Marta's Mathoms - BMEM 2011 by Marta
Colour the Morning by Makalaure
The Starlit Sky by Makalaure
Aspects of Nerdanel 2 - Memories of Seven, by Erulisse

Favorite Characterisation of Thorin's Company (including Thorin)
Oakenshield by Kapi Longbeard
Thoughts on the Road in: Back to Middle-Earth Bingo by Arwen75
Gandalf, the Instigator of Mad Careers (in Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard) by Larner
Colourful Company by Rhapsody

Favorite Characterisation of a member of the House of Finwë
Betrayal by Silver Trails
Mother's Love by Talullah
Ulmo's Palace by Oshun

Favorite Characterisation of a resident of Doriath
Damask and Dark by Zdenka
Windborne by Keiliss
Desire, unfulfilled by Nath
Daeron nails it by Tallulah

Favorite Characterisation of a member of the Ainur
The Fire in his Eyes by Silver Trails
Hallowed Waters by Certh
With a cold rush of blood by Rhapsody
Star-queen's Servant by Zdenka

Favorite Characterisation of a Numenorean
Reprieve by Himring
Isilmë's Gift by Talullah
Et Eärello Andorenna utúlien by Nath

Favorite Story featuring an Original Character
Trials of Manhood by Rhymer
Hunter and hunted by Linda Hoyland
In His Hands by Rhymer
Beorn's Wife by Himring

Favorite Story featuring a Minor Canon Character
The Shepherd by sian22
To Take what You Like by Larner
A Shortcut to Disaster by Dreamflower
The Rod and the Crown, by Linda Hoyland
Still Standing by Alma Heart
A Kindred Heart by Oshun

Here are the links to the ballots:

Voting Poll, Part 1: Includes Races, Types of Work, Sources, Special Categories, and Genres

Voting Poll, Part 2: Characterizations

Voting is open until September 28!
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  • Guided by Starlight by Linaewen

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