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Hello all, I'm back!!!!

Hi guys! I know it's been quite awhile since I've been around, but this is to let everyone know I have rejoined our wonderful moderators and friends at MPTT and LJ challenges! I will be posting the October challenge and sending out the prompts to you starting Oct 5. I'd also like to express my extreme and heartfelt gratitude to Dreamflower, Dawn, Rhapsody and our newest mod, Ysilme, for everything you have been doing to make our group the awesome success it has become! And as I've always said - our group would not exist if not for all the people who write stories, post comments and reviews, create banners and icons, offer their suggestions and support - and participate in so many other ways. I hope we continue to grow and create great tales in Fanfiction to share for many years to come!! (((Group Hugs))).
Cathleen, aka CEshaughnessy
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