Ness (nessrealta) wrote in lotr_community,

Lothlórien by Ness

Author: Ness
Title: Lothlórien
Rating: G
Theme: Nostalgia
Elements: happy
Author's Notes: I am not so sure about how this turned out. I did try.
Summary: When Arwen returns to Lórien after Aragorn's death she remembers a happier time.
Word Count: 100

Unshod I walk among niphedril and elanor
as we did together once, laughing, many years ago.

Now my feet are cold and there is nothing but silence.

Here in fair Lórien I beheld you anew. I made my choice, gladly.

A season of happiness:
you were full of mirth, a light in your eyes.

It was a carefree time. Spring turning to summer: hope and new life in abundance.

Like a dream it seemed and yet not so. For I could feel your hand touching mine.

When we were walking under the star-lit sky on Cerin Amroth
my heart rejoiced.
Tags: challenge: nostalgia, month: 2015 november
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