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Looking East by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: Looking East
Rating: G
Theme: Nostalgia
Elements: yearn; -ing; -ed)
Summary: On Tol Erresëa Frodo yearns for friends of old.
Word Count: 300

Looking East

Frodo sat on a weathered log of driftwood, his arms wrapped around his left knee which was drawn up beneath his chin. It was unusual for him to be on the beach before sunrise, but he found he did not sleep so soundly as he once had now that he no longer had Bilbo's presence sharing their home. His cousin had been ready to leave the circles of the world, but he had exacted a promise from Frodo to wait for Sam.

Yet Frodo would still have waited; it would be too cruel for his friend to arrive on the Blessed Isle and find him already gone. Yet, these days he was filled with a yearning for Sam's company, and for that of Merry and Pippin and many of those he loved who were across the Sundering Sea, but Sam most of all. There was so much he wanted to share.

Gazing East, he watched as the indigo sky began to lighten and the twinkling stars began to fade. The rosy fingers of dawn heralded Anor's rising, plumes of lavender clouds streaked across bands of pink and pale yellow. She rode slowly higher, and soon it was full day. He supposed he should go back to the house and have a bit of tea and toast for first breakfast, but he did not fancy eating alone. He missed Bilbo's morning chatter.

He heard the swish of bare feet in the sand and turned to see Lady Celebrian standing behind him with a tray in her hands and a smile in her eyes. "Good morning, Frodo. I thought perhaps you could use some tea and company?"

He breathed in the scent of mint tea and honeycakes and smiled. The friends of now were beloved, too. He could wait. Sam was coming.
Tags: challenge: nostalgia, month: 2015 november
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