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Anniversary Challenge for Many Paths to Tread

Many Paths to Tread Archive, Seventh Anniversary 7X7 Review Challenge!

This year we will celebrate Many Paths to Tread's Seventh Birthday with a 7X7 Review Challenge! Beginning on Wednesday, July 27, our anniversary, and for the following seven weeks, you are challenged to post the following reviews at the MPTT site. (Reviews MUST be posted on the Archive; reviews placed elsewhere will not count.) You do have to be a member of the Archive to review.

Seven stories by seven different authors
Seven new stories posted during the past year (from 7/26/15 to 7/26/16)
Seven stories in seven different Genres (Definitions of Genres may be found here
Seven stories about seven different Characters
Seven stories set in seven different Places
Seven different stories recommended to you by someone else. (We will make a post for people to put recs, but the recommendations do not have to come from there; they can be recommended by anyone.)
Seven old stories posted during the first year of the MPTT Archive: (from 7/26/09 to 7/26/10)

You may complete each challenge in any order you choose. A post will be made, and you can comment there with the names of the stories you reviewed as you complete each challenge.

You do not have to complete all the challenges, but it is our hope that many of you will try. You have from Wednesday July 27 until Wednesday September 7 to finish the reviews (Reviews will be counted from the time-stamp on the review). You will have until September 14 to make all your comments at the Challenge Post.

Post ONLY your list of reviewed stories (links are appreciated but not required) at the Challenge Post. Make a separate comment for each challenge, and put which challenge in the subject line. Please post any questions or comments about the challenge to THIS POST right here! Off-topic comments at the Challenge Post will be deleted.
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