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2016 Yule Fic Exchange "Dear Author"

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This post is for those who have signed up, or are planning to sign up, for this year's Yule Fic Exchange:

You may sometimes wonder about the person whose prompt you chose. Did their request give you the information you need to write a good story tailored for their wishes? Or as a recipient, have you ever worried that the writer of your story does not understand what you like?

Perhaps in the past (in this or in exchanges in other communities), you've received a story that let you down. Or maybe you've written one, and the recipient seemed not to appreciate it.

This often occurs because of the desire to preserve the element of surprise by the use of anonymity.

So this is an attempt to help avoid those sorts of problems. If you have signed up for the exchange, post a brief Dear Author comment to this post and indicate some of your likes and dislikes. Unlike most such posts, these comments will be screened, and then added to the e-mail notifying the writer of the person who will be her/his recipient. We do like our recipients to be pleasantly surprised when they realize who has written their stories.

Please be brief, but do indicate if you have any particular dislikes or squicks, and also if there is something special that you like that may not have been covered in your request prompt.

This is entirely voluntary, and is simply an attempt to insure that everyone has a more enjoyable exchange experience.
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