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2016 Yule Fic Exchange: Claim Your Requests


IF you signed up for the 2016 LOTR GFIC Yule Fic Exchange the requests are behind the cut. ONLY those who signed up at this post are eligible to choose a request, and ALL who signed up are obligated to write a story.

Please examine the lists carefully. This year, in an effort to make sure that everyone had some choice among the prompts, participants this year made two requests. The requests were divided into lists “A” and “B”. You may make your first request from either list. Your second request may be from the other list and must not be the same number as the first list. (For example, if you choose 1A, your second request must come from List B, any other number except 1. A combination of 3B and 6A is acceptable, but not 6A and 6B.) This is to make sure every person has a story.

Post a comment with the following header:

First choices will be crossed out as the mods see the requests come in. If two people request the same one before the mods have a chance to cross it out, the second person will get their second request. Comments will be screened. We will do our best to strike out already chosen prompts as quickly as possible, but there will be a time lag, so take that into account. In case of such a time-lag, if more than one person chooses the same request,, the time stamp on the comment will be used to determine who gets the assignment.

In the remote possibility that both your choices are already chosen, we will contact you to make a third choice.

Once all stories are claimed, you will be e-mailed with the name of the person you are writing for. You may then check your recipient's own stories and so forth to get an idea of what she likes. If your recipient made a “Dear Author” comment, it will be added to your notification email. Do not contact your recipient however, as authors will be revealed when the stories are revealed.

Please do not wait too long to choose the requests you wish to claim!

You can refresh your memory of the rules and deadlines HERE.

Since the comments are being screened, we cannot answer any questions at this post. Please direct your questions HERE.

2016 Yule Exchange Requests


1A. I would like a story featuring Boromir and Faramir, a journey, and snow.

2A. What was happening in Rivendell during the quest? PJ makes some suggestions but Tolkien does not. What do you think was happening?

3A. How did the residents or Imladris react -- and adapt -- to Bilbo coming to live there permanently? (Possible ideas: Did anyone know that he was coming? How frail or vigorous was he when he arrived? Did anyone meet him at the border? Was he alone? Who set up his room? How did someone react who had never seen a hobbit before? What kind of luggage had Bilbo brought, and was it enough?)

4A. Maglor gen, living with Avarin found family/family of choice in the East, and something involving winter. Hurt/comfort would be lovely, as long as it isn’t Maglor reminiscing about his past.

5A. I would like a Fingon and Maedhros story, where they love each other. It can be set in Tirion, in Middle-earth, or after they come out of the Halls.

6A. Vidumavi and Valacar on their first Yule together. There's snow and all the most adorable Yule tropes you can thing of. I'd love a fluffy piece but if you want to add something more reflexive to it, or a hint of darkness, it's also fine, as long as they end up happy and in love.

7A. Boromir's first thoughts on realizing just who Aragorn is and his possible position within Gondor should the war lead to the end of Sauron's threat.

8A. Use a fairytale in some fashion, either by reworking one or just using it as general inspiration, with Gildor OR Maglor as the main character.

9A. Gildor as a main character with any or all of these prompts: spice, miscommunication and gold.

10A. A post-LotR story involving Elladan and Elrohir choosing to go to Valinor.

11A. I would like a fluffy Yule hobbit tale featuring one of the families on the hobbit family trees. It could be during the childhood of one of the parents or grandparents of the main characters, or it could be a family we don't know much about, like the Boffins or the Cottons.


1B. I would like a story featuring Merry and Pippin having an adventure in Rivendell before setting out on the quest. The story can be either serious or humorous or a combination of both!

2B. Elrond hurt comfort

3B. Frodo was 12 when Sam was born, 14 when Merry was born, and 22 when Pippin was born. I'd love to read a story where he's interacting with one of his baby cousins (or Sam).

4B. I would like a story where Glorfindel and Elladan love each other.

5B. Elwing and Eärendil's first Yule in Sirion. I'd like something light and dark, please. Given the circumstances they would be traumatized, but the people around them would be making efforts for them and the other children. If you're one of the Nimloth-survives type, it's fine by me.

6B. A reminiscence from Bilbo as told to Frodo to explain how his feelings toward the Dwarves changed during the quest for Erebor.

7B. Erestor: salt, ochre and dawn. Wherever it takes you. Have fun with it.

8B. Erestor, please and the elements of miscommunication, sunset and tea

9B. Legolas and Gimli's trip to the West (can include decision stage, planning, boat building, travel--any or all of the above).

10B. A hobbit version of “A Christmas Carol” featuring either Lobelia or Lotho in the Scrooge role.

Any prompts not chosen will be used in the January Potluck challenge.
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