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2016 Yule Exchange Links


The 2016 Yule Exchange stories have all been posted and unlocked! Please check out the links below and let the authors know if you like their work.

Recipients, please remember to thank your author if you have not done so already.

Authors, we will begin archiving this year's Yule Exchange stories on Many Paths to Tread next week. If you can add your own story to the archive before then, this is extremely helpful. If you cannot--no worries, we will add it for you and let you know when we do! The 2016 Yule Exchange series can be found here (Once you've added your story to the archive, click here to add your story to the challenge series.)

2016 Yule Exchange Stories

The Choice by keiliss (for heartofoshun). Deciding whether or not to sail has unexpected complications for Elladan.

A Dragon for Dora's Yule by blslarner (for dreamflower02). Illness and bad weather make it necessary for Fosco and Ruby Baggins to stay with Bungo and Belladonna for Yule this year.

Home for Midwinter by talullahred (for indy1776). Someone loves Maglor and eagerly awaits his return.

Journeys by indy1776 (for dawn_felagund). Trapped in a cave by a rainstorm, Maglor and Maedhros reminisce and discuss future plans.

Keep the Home Fires Burning by shirebound (for elwenlj). It’s time at last for Gloín to leave Rivendell and return home.

The Last Homely House Welcomes Mr. Baggins by dreamflower02 (for shirebound). As Bilbo journeys to Erebor, the residents of Rivendell make plans for his return stay.

Out of the Shadows of the Past, A King by lin4gondor (for blslarner). Boromir is faced with the unexpected revelation that Aragorn is heir to the line of Kings, and ponders what a returned King will mean to Gondor -- and to himself.

Salt by red_lasbelin (for keiliss). Erestor and Gil-galad take a mental health day at the beach.

The Ship of Light by dawn_felagund (for talullahred). Elwing is a troubled child, acting out to avoid facing the trauma of her past. During the survivors' first Yule at Sirion, mariners from Balar bring gifts to the refugees, and inspired by their benevolence, Elwing and Eärendil remake an old tradition into a new symbol of hope.

Something spicy by ysilme (for red_lasbelin). Lacking experience sometimes means making mistakes and can have unexpected consequences. Making new friends aren't the worst of those.

Winter Came Earlier by heartofoshun (for silver_trails). No context really; just a bit of fluff and a little heartbreak centering around a long-term relationship. I was asked for a story in which Elladan and Glorfindel loved one another. That’s what I wrote!

Winter Sons of Gondor by elwenlj (for lin4gondor). Boromir takes his younger brother on one last adventure before adulthood.
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