A Dragon (burning_night) wrote in lotr_community,
A Dragon

The White City by burning_night

Author: burning_night
Title: The White City
Rating: G
Theme: Ode To Arda
Elements: Rejoice/Voice
Author's Notes: I've never attempted an ode, so this was both fun and nerve-wracking. Hopefully 'voiced' counts as using my word ;)
Summary: An ode to the Tower of the Sun, the City of the King.
Word Count: 69

Rejoice, and hear the trumpets sing,
Full voicéd high on white stone walls,
Rejoice, and hear the bells that ring,
A silver song that homeward calls,
And draws you to the city’s gate.
Beautiful she rises from the morning mist,
Stepp’d in levels soaring o’er fields of green,
King’s tower rising tall, sun kissed,
From far and wide that lofty spire is seen,
While within more wonders yet await.
Tags: 2017, annual challenge: poetry, april, month: 2017 april
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