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On the Need for the King - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: On the Need for the King
Rating: PG
Theme: Poetry: Ode
Elements: rhyming words verdant/urgent
Author's Notes: This will be included within a longer work that answers the last two challenges, to be posted I hope this week. For Inzilbeth_Liz for her birthday.
Summary: An ode regarding the arrival of the King Returned during the Battle of the Pelennor.
Word Count: 100 (including title!)

On the Need for the King

Orcs marched upon the Pelennor
trailing death and terror in their wake.
They slew both man and beast, for
their mission was the realm to take.
Upon the city rained heads and fire;
torn apart were fields and land.
The town lands no more were verdant,
for after axe and sword and fire,
the need for the true King’s healing hand
came ever to be more urgent.
The golden Riders broke the siege;
their Lady the Nazgûl Captain slew.
Upon the Corsairs came our new Liege.
with our own men the ships to crew!
Tags: 2017, annual challenge: poetry, april, month: 2017 april
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