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Feast-Day with Father by Linaewen

Author: Linaewen
Title: Feast-Day with Father
Rating: G
Theme: Picnic
Elements: 110 words
Author's Notes: The festival in question is Tuilérë -- a feast day celebrating the beginning of spring in Gondor.
Summary: Boromir and Faramir would rather go on a picnic with their father than attend the opening ceremony for the spring festival.
Word Count: 110 as counted by Jarte, not including the title.

Feast-Day with Father

Faramir struggled with his tunic, wishing the feast-day ceremony over so their picnic could begin.

Boromir was not encouraging.  "Father cannot hurry the ceremony, Faramir."

"I wish Mother was here," Faramir sighed.  Boromir nodded, hugging him tightly; it was their first feast-day without her.

"No need for your finery, my sons," announced Denethor, entering unexpectedly.  "We can begin our outing at once."

Faramir cheered as he tore off his tunic.

"Will you not open the festival, Father?" Boromir asked, confused.

"Nay, Boromir.  I gave the responsibility to another; I wished to be free for a more important duty -- picnicking with my sons.  Now, help your brother change..."

"Yes, Father!"
Tags: challenge: picnic, month: 2017 july
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