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Title: From the Least Among Us
Rating: general
Theme: potporri
Elements: May, Coronation
Summary: planning a delivery
Word Count: 200

From the Least Among Us

When the proclamation was read he began to make his plans, he had just received new undergarments, several pairs of new socks, and the new uniform for his new position (with surcoat, two hats, cloak, and scarf). He had the fancy necklace with a small helmet and shield carved from an oliphaunt’s tusk that his father had won in Ithilien, if he removed his room key; he could wrap it in a letter and enclose it with that old book of Thorongil’s in Sindarin.

He knew that the cook’s were serving a creamy soup of mushrooms, that there were fresh strawberries as well as new jar of orange preserves with the cakes, and there had been a superb peppery herbed fish cooking for luncheon. He assumed that there would be a need for a bottle of white wine served with them, which would give him a reason to slip through the open door in the stone wall; the one that was behind the bed of flowers that danced.

He could hide the package in the drape of the towel over his arm and as he was leaving slip them directly to the Ring-bearers. An unmatchable Coronation gift from his heart.

Author: nancylea57
Title: Into Your Care
Rating: general
Theme: potporri
Elements: June, Father's Day
Summary: for all the adopted fathers, legal and emotional
Word Count: 100

65. “‘Welcome, my lords, to Isengard!’ he said. ‘We are the door wardens. Meriadoc, son of Saradoc is my name; and my companion, who alas! Is overcome by weariness’--here he gave the other a dig with his foot-- ‘is Peregrin, son of Paladin, of the House of Took.’” (TT, Bk. III, Ch. VII, “The Road to Isengard”)

Into Your Care

Well, Eomer they travel on to your care; our littlest guards have left the mortal world. I trust you will shelter them as diligently in that world as I have tried to in this one, soon I will come, and we can once more laugh and rejoice in the friendship that has grown from that first introduction. Remember that meal they had scavenged from the ruins of Isengard? And the many toast of ale we have raised over the years for the passing of more soldiers of our acquaintance, now it’s your turn to comfort them in my absence. Namarie!

Author: nancylea57
Title: Barliman and Dorwinion, Peace Brokers
Rating: general
Theme: Potporri
Elements: July, Summertime
Summary: just some friendly healing
Word Count: 940

49. He never would have believed it if he hadn’t seen it for himself!

Barliman and Dorwinion, Peace Brokers

Scene: Ithilien 10 FA

The elves had worked long and hard to re-forest this area and tomorrow the kingdoms of Gondor/Arnor, Rohan, Eryn Lasgalen, Lonely Mountain, and Glittering Caves would come together to celebrate the success of this one task. I myself was bringing a wagon load of Dorwinion wine for the party. Had I but known before I bought it that it could cause this kind of thing I might have thought about my purchase longer. Upon arriving, I had greeted Legolas with the fervor that he swears only hobbits can bring to a hug; after treating Merry and me to a decent tea (finally, he is learning to prepare enough food for starving hobbits), he takes our wives under his protection and directs us to drive the carts on down the track so that the ale and wine can be placed in the creek bed to cool. There is a tent set up for the placement of the brandy barrels that Merry has donated to the new colony. So here I am in the lead cart and driving into an area I’ve never been to before; I expected to see things that I might never have seen—BUT THIS?????

Rounding a curve in the road that Legolas told me meant I was close to the riverside park I got my first look at the pranksters. There in the center of the clearing, surrounded by empty bottles, lay Gimli’s father, Gloin, and Legolas’, Thranduil. Pulling my horse to a stop clear of the curve in the road, I quickly set the brakes and clamber down. “Please, please, please, let them be only passed out…. Oh please Eru!”Dashing to their position, I reach Thranduil first, so start by looking him over. A little beat up, but no worse than some brothers-in-love I could name. Okay, on to Gloin; possibly a little more tattered, but he starts at a disadvantage, he looks old and wrinkly even when healthy. Hearing my name, I realize that Merry has arrived and is as startled as I am. He is carrying water bottles so we start offering the two of them sips of water ( I mean you can’t expect us to dowse them with water to revive them can you; well, Frodo would have frowned at us if we tried it -- so we didn’t). So we sit for a while as the two begin to return to this planet and time.

Thranduil looks up at Merry, pats him on the cheek and says, “Be a good little burglar and go fetch the last two bottles from that case would you, Bilbo old boy?”

Merry shrugs at me but moves over to the pavilion set up off to one side of the park, he raises two bottles out of a case that is lying on its side, and carries them back to me. “This is 2942 Dorwinion; this stuff was bottled the year after Smaug’s defeat. Do you realize how old and potent it must be?”

“Yes,” burps Gloin, directly into my face. “Very potent indeed, but you’re not Bilbo; you’re too old. Be a good little fellow and help me get over to my best-est friend so we can raise a toast to the great burglar. If you’re really nice we’ll share the last two bottles.”

“Have you two already shared the other 22 bottles out of that case?” I had to ask, the danger of alcohol poison must be considered.

“Don’t be silly; only ten of these bottles were Dorwinion wine, the rest were Prancing Pony ale for Aragorn. But we decided that he would prefer us to reach an accord even if he lost out on Barliman’s Best.” Thranduil has managed to sit up and lean against me. What with Gloin wavering on my right and Thranduil pressing against my left, I was in danger of becoming intoxicated by breathing in the fumes. Merry was standing about three feet in front of us, still clutching those two incredibly old bottles of wine. “So you see we started out mad at each other as we have been for far too long, and here we were with no-one anywhere around to keep the peace; so we yelled at each other, then we went for a round or two trying to beat the intelligence into an idiot, and then we decided we needed to refresh ourselves; so we each opened one bottle of our own favorite and sat staring at each other as we drank the first one. Then we traded brands and each drank one of the other guys brew, then we shared the third bottle of each; when we realized that it would be more comfortable out here in the grass instead of in the hot sweaty tent. And we carried as many bottles as we could out here. And then there you were; by the way, who are you?”

I manage to squeeze out from between them and they collapse in on each other and start snoring in tandem. “Merry, I think you should go back to the colony and get Legolas; and Gimli if he has arrived yet. I’ll stay here and try to keep others from finding these two in this state. But my guess is that the workers will be back from luncheon soon, so hurry!”

Who is ever going to believe this, but really we saw them: Gloin and Thranduil drunk and chummy as all get out; these who have fought since before we were born. And it only took a dozen bottles of Barliman’s best and ten bottles of Dorwinion as old as their original argument, oh, and a little privacy.
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