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2017 Yule Fic Exchange Claiming Post

2017 Yule Fic Exchange Claiming Post

2017 Yule Exchange

IF you signed up for the 2016 LOTR GFIC Yule Fic Exchange the requests are behind the cut. ONLY those who signed up at this post are eligible to choose a request, and ALL who signed up are obligated to write a story.

Because this post is appearing later than I had planned, there will be an extension on the claiming of the prompts, from November 11 to November 17.

Please examine the lists carefully.  In order to make sure that everyone has some choice among the prompts, participants this year made two request prompts. The prompts were divided into lists “A” and “B”. You may make your first request from either list. Your second request must be from the other list and must not be the same number as the first list. (For example, if you choose 1A for your first choice, your second request must come from List B, any other number except 1. A combination of 3B and 6A is acceptable, but not 6A and 6B.) This is to make sure every person has a story.

Post a comment with the following header:

First Choice:
Second Choice:

First choices will be crossed out as the mods see the requests come in. If two people request the same one before the mods have a chance to cross it out, the second person will get their second request. Comments will be screened. We will do our best to strike out already chosen prompts as quickly as possible, but there will be a time lag, so take that into account. In case of such a time-lag, if more than one person chooses the same request, the time stamp on the comment will be used to determine who gets the assignment.

In the remote possibility that both your choices are already chosen, we will contact you to make a third choice.

Once all stories are claimed, you will be e-mailed with the name of the person you are writing for. You may then check your recipient's own stories and so forth to get an idea of what she likes. Do not contact your recipient however, as authors will be revealed when the stories are revealed.

Please do not wait too long to choose the requests you wish to claim!

You can refresh your memory of the rules and deadlines .

Since the comments are being screened, we cannot answer any questions at this post. Please direct your questions .


1A I would like a story featuring Tuor (Silmarillion). It can be set in his youth with the Grey-elves, during his time as a thrall or an outlaw, or in Gondolin -- let the author decide!

2A After the War of the Ring, there were probably many letters and packages sent between the Shire and Gondor/Rohan. Tolkien writes of a Shire Postmaster and Messenger Service. What did the Shire Post delivery-hobbits -- especially those who still might not accept that a King had returned or who had never wondered about happenings outside the Shire -- think about or react to Royal Mail? Did their families even believe them when told about it?

3A I would like a story about Elladan and Elrohir when they were young boys. Something fun.

4A Maglor and Gildor's paths happen to cross in a pub somewhere. Beer, conversation, or whatever your muse suggests.

5A Elves sailing with a focus on Imladris elves. Can either be at the Havens, or final days in Imladris. Glorfindel's my fave.

6A Tauriel returns to Mirkwood after the War of the Ring.

7A I'd love to see Frodo asking for advice regarding the best Yule present to give someone he loves, and receiving absolutely the worst suggestions possible.

8A The first Yule that Bilbo and Frodo spend together after Bilbo adopts Frodo. It can be at Bag End or they can be visiting other kinfolk.


1B"I would like a story featuring Bilbo's journey to -- or arrival at -- Rivendell, after his long-expected party and leaving the Ring to Frodo."

2B One or more children of Merry, Pippin, and/or Sam visit the Ents. Does anyone choose to drink ent-draught and return to the Shire taller than their friends and relatives?

3B I would like a story about Caranthir and his brothers in Valinor, before Feanor makes the Silmarils. Something fun, no married characters. Just the boys doing something together.

4B Elrond and Celebrian's first Yule as parents.

5B Lindon. Gil-galad. Ferries and second chances.

6B A happy Yule in Imladris. I'd love it to be happy, peaceful and sweet and maybe, even, slightly humorous, if that works out for you.

7B Members of the Fellowship are arguing about what famous individuals from previous ages of the Sun would think about Middle-earth now in the early Fourth Age and Aragorn's rule.

8B It's a time of trouble in the Shire: it could be the Long Winter, the Fell Winter, after the goblin invasion and the Battle of Greenfields, or during the Occupation of the Shire by Saruman's ruffians. I'd love to see how hobbits come together and try to make the best of things and create a Yule celebration in spite of everything.


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