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Honor Stained? - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: Honor Stained?
Rating: G
Theme: Honor a Warrior
Elements: A man's honor should be more sacred to him than his life. Roman Payne
Author's Notes: For all of those who have November birthdays, and for Harrowcat's father.
Summary: Elanor wishes to better understand her Uncle Frodo.
Word Count: 200

Honor Stained?

Elanor looked up from the Red Book to catch her father sitting across from her, watching her. “Sam-dad,” she began tentatively, gently closing the tome, “Granddad Tom said that Uncle Frodo just wasn’t the same when he came back, and that after he let Mr. Whitfoot return to being Mayor he hardly went out of Bag End anymore. He said Uncle Frodo was quieter, hardly saying more’n he had to. Said he acted as if he was ashamed. Why?”

Sam sighed. “It’s like this, lass: your Uncle Frodo didn’t expect to come back, not once he realized what was likely to happen once the Ring was destroyed. In fact, he was certain as we wouldn’t come back at all. And he didn’t destroy It hisself—ol’ Gollum did it instead. For all he knew that this was for the best and the way as it had to be in the end, his heart still saw him as a failure, dishonored. Plus, it wasn’t as if he was in the best of health. With his honor stained, he couldn’t put hisself out in front of others. ’Twas a relief when he could go away, maybe find his healin’ at last.”
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