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The Warriors of the West, Praise Them! by Dreamflower

Title:The Warriors of the West, Praise Them!
Theme:  Honor a Warrior
Elements:  Quotation--"Praise them with great praise!"
Author's Notes: This drabble-and-a-half managed to come out to exactly 150 words on the first try. Only the third time I can recall that happening to me.
Summary: Frodo thinks of those who made it possible for him to reach Mt. Doom.
Word Count: 150 (drabble-and-a-half)

The Warriors of the West, Praise Them!

"Praise them with great praise!"

I remember how stunned I was to hear those words directed to me, and to Sam when we had awakened upon the Field of Cormallen. It was almost as shocking as being alive, when I thought I was dead. Almost as amazing as seeing Gandalf alive or as overwhelming as seeing Aragorn upon that throne, as unexpected as once again receiving my cousins' embraces, or looking into the eyes of my friends. It was our day of awakening, and there was no time for thought.

But now I've had time to think, I want to say all those words to others, to those warriors who offered their own lives that my task might be done: to the many who marched into battles, to those who perished, to those who were wounded, and to those who risked all and survived.

Praise them with great praise!"
Tags: drabble challenge: honor a warrior, month: 2017 november
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