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Guided by Starlight by Linaewen

Author: Linaewen
Title: Guided by Starlight
Rating: G
Theme: The Stars at Night
Elements: Wilwarin (Cassiopeia)
Author's Notes: This prompt was originally for the 2017 October Challenge.
Summary: Boromir credits Mithrandir and Wilwarin for guiding him on his way.
Word Count: 331 as counted by Jarte

Guided by Starlight

Boromir followed the tall Elf who had been assigned by the border guard to lead him to Rivendell.  He felt a mixture of relief and trepidation -- relief that he was finally near to reaching his goal, and uneasiness at being in the presence of an Elf.  Boromir was normally a confident man, at ease with everyone, but he had little contact with Elves, and he felt at a loss.  So he watched the Elf as they walked and held his peace.

The night was growing old when they came to a clearing in the trees, and the stars in the sky were visible.

"Wilwarin shines her light upon us this night," the Elf said, gesturing towards the sky where a pattern of stars shown brightly.

Boromir looked up and smiled.  "The Butterfly, is indeed bright tonight.  Her light is a gift to those who journey and are in need of guidance on their way."

"You know Wilwarin?"

"Mithrandir taught me and my brother some words in the the language of Elves; the names of the stars and how to recognize them was one of the few lessons I paid attention to!  We call her Gwilwileth in our language, which also means butterfly.  No matter the name, she is a useful guide!  She watched over me as I traveled, and kept me on the road north."

"Wilwarin is queen of the skies at this time of year," the Elf agreed, "and is a trustworthy guide.  Mithrandir is also a guide worth following, so it is well you listened to his teaching in this instance, at least!  May you find his guidance helpful, if you should meet again in the coming days."

"Indeed!" Boromir replied, wondering how likely was the chance he would meet Mithrandir again.  "He proved to be an able and wise teacher, I must admit.  If we meet once more, I will thank him for his help, and promise to pay better attention to his teaching in the future!"

Tags: annual challenge: potluck, challenge: stars, month: 2018 january
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