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Heart's Ease by Linaewen

Author: Linaewen
Title: Heart's Ease
Rating: G
Theme: Hearts and Flowers
Elements: Lissuil/Lissuin
Author's Notes: Lissuin was a flower brought to Númenor from Tol Eressëa
Summary: A husband and wife name their newborn baby.
Word Count: 360 as counted by Jarte

Heart's Ease

Cradling the newborn babe close to her heart, the new mother sighed in happiness mixed with relief.

"She is beautiful," her husband said, stroking his wife's hair. "I know it has been a fearful time for you, escaping the destruction of our homeland in Númenor, wondering what would become of us in this new land, fearing to birth a child in exile... but you have done well. She is beautiful, and she will bring ease to our hearts as we begin a new life together!"

"We have done well, husband," she emphasized. "I could not have managed without you! See how she reaches her tiny hand to you? She knows you already as the husband and father who cares well for his family, no matter the difficulty! Our hearts are indeed eased in our exile. What shall we name her?"

"I had thought..." The man hesitated, but only briefly. "Do you remember the stories that were told of the flowers brought from Tol Eressëa to the wedding of King Aldarion? One of them was sweet lissuin, whose fragrance was said to bring heart's ease. Shall we name our sweet girl after that flower?"

"Lissuin..." murmured the woman. "It is the perfect name for her! She has already brought the sweet fragrance of new life into our home, and our hearts in exile are eased because of it. Lissuin! Welcome, my dear child, my flower!"

"Welcome, Lissuin!" the father echoed, kissing first his wife, and then his new baby daughter. "Welcome, sweet flower that eases our hearts and brings us joy!"
Tags: challenge: hearts & flowers
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