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Report by Nath

Author: Nath
Title: Report
Rating: G
Theme: "Where Have You Been?"
Elements: "Where Have You Been?"
Author's Notes: N/A
Summary: Reports along the chain of command
Word Count: 218

A suspicious look from the guard on duty is his first welcome, but his own snarl in response makes the other back off, even if he still tries to save face by questioning him.

“Where have you been, Gorsad? You should have been back weeks ago.”

“Bad-tempered as ever, huh? North along the Greenway, but I’ll keep my report for the master.”


“Our friends in Bree told you they’re willing to continue their business despite them Rangers sticking their noses in everything around the Shire? That is good news, Gorsad.”
Saruman smirks inwardly as the half-Orc preens at his praise.

But why the sudden activity? Mithrandir has the Rangers doing his bidding, that much is clear, but has he finally become suspicious of my own spies around his Shire? If he has, it has taken him long enough, but he’s too careful, and for that alone I will do well to keep an eye on him.


I am pursuing my investigations, but it is hard. I have few resources, and the lands I must search are vast and wild. Curunír – who appears in the palantír in his embodied shape – shakes his head.

I do not want to hear excuses, Curunír. Your lack of results so far is disappointing.

Curunír shows no reaction. I am doing my best, Lord.
Tags: challenge: where have you been
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