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Author: Celeritas
Title: One Breath of Air
Rating: G
Theme: Ides of March
Elements: Starter sentence (turned into a finisher): "The sun broke through the darkness, sweeping the gloom away, if only for an instant."
Author's Notes: For most of March 15 (at least on the Pelennor) the sun is shining. But people often think that to deities, days are mere seconds. So a second's interference can have much more lasting an effect than one would think...
Summary: A conversation on Taniquetil c. March 14, T.A. 3019
Word Count: 264

Arien has been in mourning these past few days.

I know. Our onetime servant seeks to swath all of Endórë in his shadow. I wish--

You wish?

Never has the temptation to resolve these ills been greater. We have already done what we may, and very nearly was that venture ruined as well.

And yet not ruined, for has not Olórin proved faithful in all that we have given him?

His task is not yet achieved.

You wish to do more, then?

I wish, but I cannot.
We cannot; you know that. Ever have we done ill when we intervene with the Children's affairs.

One breath of air, beloved.


From the south, from the mouth of the river. One mere puff.

Vanimelda, you know--

I know that there is a fleet of ships rowing up the Anduin to succour beseiged Mindolluin. I know that Arien has grieved to see the fields and mountains shrouded for days. I know that the land is groaning under the strain of battle. It needs a cleansing rain from the Sea. One breath of air, Manwë, please, for me, and when the air is cleared I shall instruct my stars to shine the brighter.

Be it as you wish, beloved. I will do what is in my power. But not too much:

No, love, never too much.

And when day dawned on the fifteenth, even as Orodruin continued to belch its fumes, a wind rose from the south, scattering the shadows. The sun broke through the darkness, sweeping the gloom away, if only for an instant. Arien smiled.

Tags: 2009, challenge: ides of march, march, month: 2009 march
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