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Death and Life by Golden

Author: Golden
Title: Death and Life
Rating: PG (for mentions of killing)
Theme: The Ides of March
Elements: Starter sentences: It was the noise that was the biggest surprise.
Author's Notes: Beta by Dreamflower 
Summary: Beregond considers his actions at the hallows
Word Count: 380


It was the noise that was the biggest surprise. My sword had cut through the skin of men before, but never have I taken away the life of a friend.

He gurgled, he gasped, he fell with a thud limply to the ground.

I stood there stunned for a moment, staring down at the dead man lying upon the cold stones, observing how hot blood still painted the white floor red.

He had a son and a daughter, nearly the same age as my own children, Bergil and Borlas.

My head was spinning. Since Pippin had come to me, since he said, that I had to decide between my orders and Faramir I knew my life would not be like it was before, no matter what decision I made. I knelt down, searching in Minatan´s coat for the key, which I needed to get to Faramir. When my fist closed around the wanted item I also closed my eyes and begged the man´s forgiveness, before storming away.


It was the noise that was the biggest surprise. I had already heard many noises during the siege. People screaming in pain, people praying, people gasping for air and people giving a last sigh before death took them away, but this silent noise, between all the others, was new and hopeful.

Faramir breathed in deeply the scent of the leaves, which this man, whom I had not met before, but that I felt obliged to from the first moment, had send me to fetch for him.

With every taken breath life returned into Faramirs body and the shadow of death slowly left his features.

The man turned to my father. “What is your name?”

“Beregond, Sire” answered my father.

“The Lord Faramir is out of danger now, Beregond, but I want you to take care of him, till I return.” My father nodded and the man smiled, before leaving to go to the beautiful lady and Pippin´s friend, who had also been brought from the battlefields earlier.

The End
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