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Spice by Mysterious Jedi

Author: Mysterious Jedi
Title: Spice
Rating: PG
Theme: Some Like it Hot
Elements: 144 words exactly
Author's Notes:
Pippin tries Haradren cuisine
Word Count: 144

Pippin was anxious to try the Haradren cuisine at the new inn. As the serving lass took his order, she asked “mild, medium, or hot?”

“Hot, please.” Pippin replied. He liked spicy food.

When the food came, the young hobbit enthusiastically attacked it. It was delicious, but awfully hot. Nevertheless, he finished the whole serving, because it would be a disgrace for a hobbit not to clean his plate.

Pippin was convinced his mouth was on fire. He had never eaten anything that spicy before in his whole life. He gulped down his ale, but it did not seem to help. He ate piece after piece of the garlic flavored flatbread that was on the table, but his mouth still refused to stop burning.

The serving lass noticed his distress. “You probably should have ordered mild or medium instead. Still, some like it hot!”
Tags: 2009, annual challenge: fixed-length ficlet, challenge: some like it hot, july, month: 2009 july
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