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Lebennin Summer by FoxRafer

Author: foxrafer
Title: Lebennin Summer
Rating: G
Theme: Some Like it Hot
Elements: the number 220
Disclaimer: All make-believe and not written for financial gain; the characters belong to Tolkien
Author's Notes: I hope this isn't too liberal an interpretation of the theme.
Summary: Faramir's beloved memories of a long ago summer
Word Count: 220 words

Faramir had visited Dol Amroth many times, but his first trip when only a child would forever stay vivid in his memory. He and his mother had gone to celebrate the birth of Imrahil's son, and on their return stopped north of Linhir to see an old family friend.

The villa overlooked the eastern banks of the Serni, and Faramir never forgot its warm sandstone courtyards and terraced gardens filled with flowers. Finduilas seemed more at home there than in Minas Tirith's cool, austere beauty. He could still hear her laughter blown on hot summer breezes.

The sun blazed in the midday sky as an outdoor hearth was stoked to life. A pot filled with an aromatic broth was placed over the flames and platters of food brought out to be cooked: thinly sliced meats; chunks of vegetables; cubed white fish, scallops and prawns. After the meal, Finduilas' clear soprano joined a seafaring song of sailors coming home, welcomed by the mountains of Tolfalas.

He cherished this vision of his mother free from worry or illness. The restoration of Ithilien would have made Finduilas smile, the hills once more filled with warmth and sunshine. And each summer he'd prepare a Lebennin hot pot to honor her memory, share her stories with his family over the crackling fire and boiling broth.
Tags: 2009, annual challenge: fixed-length ficlet, challenge: some like it hot, july, month: 2009 july
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