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The Prince of Hearts by Rhapsody the Bard

Author: Rhapsody the Bard
Title: The Prince of Hearts
Rating: G
Theme: Some Like it Hot
Elements: 399 words
Author's Notes: My wonderful beta is pandemonium_213, thank you so much!.
Summary: One day Elrond decides to acknowlegde a request which would change his life and that of others forever.
Word Count: 399

The Prince of Hearts

When Elrond entered the library and observed the cosy scene before him, he smiled to himself. Luxuriating in front of the fireplace would always be his small friend's favourite activity. These days his companion no longer struggled to survive; his tasks were just to entertain: snuggling in laps or allowing many just to pet him. As Elrond walked to his favourite chair –worn by his little friend’s frequent visits – he merely brushed away some of the hair and loose threads. The little champion had noticed his entrance and stretched out languorously on the rug before the hearth. Knowing his friend long enough to accept this invitation, he knelt down to pick the feline up from the floor. Once both settled in the chair, Elrond remembered the day that he brought his little friend with his impressive ancestry here.

Long ago, a messenger handed him a tiny ball of fur that had grown into the sleek creature now purring on his lap. There was not much time, and a hastily written note was exchanged: Eregion had fallen and with his own stronghold besieged; the times were dark and dire. Even if he might have considered declining to foster this feline, Elrond could not help to think how once someone took pity upon him when he and his brother had been left alone in the world. Who was he to deny such a humble request? Celebrimbor clearly had loved this kitten, that much was obvious. The famous elf had stated in his note that this little one was the last thing that reminded him of Aman and its bliss. Could Elrond please make sure that his beloved creature would be treated in a humble and yet kind manner?

Such a request was never needed since the cat never showed any sign of haughtiness. Miuro simply became his own spokesperson. He treated everyone with kindness and as an equal, making those who welcomed such attention them feel special. Some envied those who had garnered the cat’s companionship: that much influence did his friend have over the good people of Rivendell.

From the first day the cat left the safe hiding place under Elrond's coat and placed his furry paws on Rivendell ground, Miuro won over many hearts including Elrond’s. It gave Elrond the opportunity to return the generosity and kindness he craved for so long ago and received it with so much love.
Tags: 2009, annual challenge: fixed-length ficlet, challenge: some like it hot, july, month: 2009 july
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