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Father's Day Challenge!

Several of the stories for the Father's Day Challenge have now been posted. There are stories about Fathers both good and bad, some are happy, some are sad. We hope you enjoy them all.

ETA--this brings the total to fourteen:
A Starless Night by Cathleen
A Father's Love by Nancylea

ETA: Two more stories have been added:
Self-Discovery by Pearl Took
The Greatest Gift of All by Sivan Shemesh

There are ten so far:
A Decent and Respectable Hobbit by Dreamflower
The Promise by Lindelea
Pippin's Epiphany by Mattygrl
Walking on the Streets of the Past by Golden
The Prince and the Faery Queen by Lily Hawker-Yates
Thrice Cursed by Zhie
Recall by Nath
Roots, by the_arc5
Line of Heroes by Rhyselle
The Extraordinary Son by Larner

Thanks to all the authors who have participated; and keep watch--we'll announce any late additions as well!
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